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Friday, November 7, 2014

poor sweet sickypoo bean

man, paypal genie aside, it's kinda been a rough week. i mean, it started out just fine. monday was...well, monday. and then tuesday came. the bean got ready for school like always, even letting me do this to her hair:

i went home and worked out with jillian michaels since my beloved xtend barre was unexpectedly closed due to plumbing issues. i promise, i didn't do it. and then i did my civic duty (wait, is that jury duty? oh well) and headed here:

 and did this:

then i somehow made my way here:

before picking up MIL and FIL from the airport. they're home for a week to help sort out some of g-wan's earthly possessions and attend her memorial service this weekend. as MIL and i were enjoying a nice lunch at home, i got a calll:  "your little one is complaining of a headache and we were wondering if you wanted to come in to bring her some medicine or take her home."

damn. the bean isn't a very sickly kid at all, but if it was bad enough to go to the nurse's office, her head must've been really hurting her. so i grabbed her some meds and we hopped in the car to see her. 

on the way, another call. MIL took it since i was driving and reported that they'd taken her temperature and because she was running a fever, they were gathering up her stuff to send her home. poor little baby. 

when as we walked into the nurse's office, she took one look at me and burst into tears. you know how sometimes when you felt like crap as a kid and all you wanted was your mommy? i think this was one of those moments for her. she barely acknowledged that grandma was there, which is VERY rare for her. i'm usually set aside for however long MIL is in town, so this told me how bad she really was feeling. heh. 

we got her home, put her in comfy clothes, set her up on the couch and that's pretty much where she stayed for the rest of the day. she was out like a light and i ended up sleeping out there with her that night. 

she woke up early the next morning, still with a low-grade fever but in much better spirits. and she came up with a request: "mommy, can you make some monkey bread pleeeeeeeaaaase?"

when your sickypoo kid asks you for monkey bread with sad little puppydog eyes and a feverish smile at 6:30 in the morning, you make it happen. 

not to mention, we hadn't had it in a long time and it was pretty damn tasty. 

she was still slightly feverish throughout the day and still had a bit of a headache, and we spent a second night in the living room together. i tell you, i'm gonna need a massage when this is all over. 

the teen swung by her school and picked up her schoolwork from the past couple of days. thankfully, she was almost back to 100% yesterday and managed to get through it all. 

and since she's been fever-free for over 24 hours now, today she goes back to school. yay! we all slept in our own beds last night. double yay! it's also half day because it's the end of the trimester. even more yay! and xtend is up and running again. yay again!

life can go back to normal. YAY!!


  1. I can't help but notice that Disneyland mason jar cup...where ever did you find it?? Please share, I'm heading there this weekend. I'm glad the Bean is feeling better.

  2. it's from the summer BBQ meetup that the teen and I attended. Unfortunately, it's not available for sale :(

  3. Please give her at least half a cup of juiced greens and fruits everyday to boost her immune system among other things. She will thank you of it, I'm sure. Would help all of you! Helps me in my old age. :)
    Love the braids. What else can you not do so well?


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