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Thursday, October 15, 2015

my girls are artists

as brand new brownies, it's a new thing to our troop to be doing several activities and completing various steps to earn a badge for our sashes.  now that bridging is over and we've had a couple of outings and meetings and bonded a little, we've taken on our first legacy badge - painting.

we managed to get through a few steps during last week's meeting.  my co-leader went out and bought supplies for several stations that the girls would rotate through.  this one is for "mood painting."

here, we got MIL to help us out with the "painting without brushes" requirement - in our case, it was spin art!

lastly, we set the girls up here with canvases, rolls of masking tape and paint.

the fun continued the very next day with an outing to the los angeles county museum of art - LACMA.  it was our first outing with the girls dressed in their full uniform.

it was a beautiful day, although the temps hovered in the high 90s.  blech.

once we had all of the girls assembled, we split up into two groups to participate in a painting demonstration in the boone children's gallery.

while the other group got their brush on, we wandered through the gallery, looking at all sorts of art from korea and china.

we had fun wandering the campus, although we were a little bummed to notice that the bright yellow "noodles" weren't available to play in.

this was a really interesting exhibit to look at, too.

at the broad contemporary art museum, we got to ride in this gigantic elevator with a max capacity of 140 people.

we got to check out the metropolis exhibit downstairs, which was pretty awesome.  everyone, adults and kids alike, was captivated by this.

 by then, everyone was hungry.  we headed back out to the LACMA cafe to pick up the boxed lunches we'd pre-ordered.  after looking at the menus for walk-in customers, i kinda wished i'd opted out of the box for myself.

but it was fine - my braised short rib sandwich was really delicious.  and that cookie was almost the size of my head.

after we said goodbye to all of our friends, we went back to the lampposts near the entrance to play a little and let some of the girls get some energy out.

we've got one more step to complete before we get to place that badge on our sash, but it'll be a fun one.  the bean has been talking about getting her troop to visit the art studio where she takes classes, and we managed to arrange to do just that.  they're gonna love it.

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