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Friday, October 9, 2015

my little stage diva

you guys, it was an extra awesome week for this proud mama wan. a couple of weeks ago, the bean had excitedly brought home a flyer from school that she couldn't wait to show me - it was a permission form for the second annual talent show. after last year's showcase, i'd talked her into signing up and showing off some hula, and she was all psyched up for it. 

and then at one of her regular classes, we managed to talk her instructor into coming to the show to accompany her on the ipu. so way better than recorded music, amirite?

there was an "audition," during which the kids got to perform their number for a handful of school staffers behind closed doors. she emerged triumphantly with her "golden ticket" in hand...of course. M

earlier this week we attended a mandatory rehearsal, during which the kids got to run through their acts up on stage and get a feel for how the performance would go. she was introduced as "quite a unique act," and amongst the singers and gymnasts and other dancers, i suppose she was exactly that. 

the big show was last night. we spent a bit of time working on her hair and a little lip stain, which was all the primping i was able to get away with. she really really really really really really really really really really really hates hair and makeup. 

but as always, once we arrived and she got to hang out with her friends and accepted a ton of compliments on her costume and everything, she was all smiles. i don't know where she gets it. 

she performed about 3/4 of the way into the show. the kids were all so much fun to watch, and then it was her turn. she got up there and struck her pose and i was totally beaming with pride as she began. her instructor was singing live and playing the ipu, and it all just came together so beautifully. 

afterwards, she joined the rest of the performers onstage for a group photo. 

and of course, she happily posed with us too. 

she's already talking about what she might do for next year's show. she loves the stage. i definitely don't know where that comes from. 

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  1. So proud of my Apo! And the other favorite Apo, of course.


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