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Friday, April 14, 2017

even more pattern testing

i was super excited when i finally got chosen for my first pattern testing a couple of weeks ago. and even more so when it was with a designer whose patterns i adore - patterns for pirates. disclaimer again...that's my affiliate link, which means that if you use it to buy a pattern you're helping a sista earn some fun money. 

the pattern i got to test out was for girls, which meant that the bean would be the lucky recipient of my efforts. this was called the favorite tee, with options for top, tunic and dress lengths. i was excited to get started and cut out her size according to the measurements i took. 

except that i didn't realize that that size wouldn't be the right one for her sleeve and dress length. i'd been assigned to do the round neck dress with 3/4 sleeves, and the size i chose for her ended up looking more like a nightgown. 

d-oh! but now i knew i needed to adjust my pattern, using the size 14 width but the size 10 for lengths. i decided to cut into some rayon spandex that i'd been hoarding for her, with a super cute peter pan theme. this time i was much happier with how it turned out, and we went into the back yard to do some modeling shots. 

those shots kill me, because she just looks too damn grown up. although i have to say this is my favorite one...and i have no idea where she might have seen this pose. it's not like she reads fashion blogs...or does she??

and today, as we kick off spring break 2017, we're at our favorite place in the whole world. seemed like a good time to bust it out:

you know what else is cool? when you look at the example photos in the pattern (as well as the pattern i showed you yesterday!), you get to see pictures of the bean (and me, in my pattern). it's super cool for an attention whore like me. 

i just picked up the pattern in women's sizes and still have some of that peter pan fabric...maybe it's time for a mommy & me outfit. ya think?



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  1. Would you post the examples in the pattern showing you and the Bean? TY


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