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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

who doesn't love dippin' dots?

disclaimer:  i received free samples from doc popcorn/dippin dots for the purpose of this review/post.

a couple of weeks ago, i received an email from a PR firm inviting me to try a new snack kiosk at the west covina mall.  when i saw the words "doc popcorn" and "dippin dots," i was in like flynn (a phrase which doesn't really have anything to do with anything, but it rhymes so there).  even better, i already had plans to head to that mall that day to run an errand anyway.  it's like it was just meant to be.

the girls and i don't actually frequent west covina mall on the regular, so we had to check the directory to see where it was.  it wasn't hard to find, and since it was kind of an odd time of day there wasn't anyone else there.

we were greeted by arlene, who was super friendly and helpful.  once we told her why we were there, she got to work on putting together little cups of each popcorn flavor for us to sample.  there were lots to try:

 when she was done, she went back and wrote all of the flavors on the lids of the cups.

the better butter, triple white cheddar and cheesy cheddar are just that - plain and simple, but really tasty.  neither the bean nor i really like spicy foods, so the old lady tried the hoppin' jalapeño and said that it wasn't too spicy.  still, we let her have that one and she was perfectly happy to munch on it as arlene got started on scooping out little cups of the dippin' dots for us.  the bean was super stoked for this part.

her favorite was the chocolate chip cookie dough, while her sister was rather partial to the cookies & cream.  we also got to try chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana split, cotton candy and rainbow ice.  i was surprised to find that my favorite (besides chocolate, because duh) was the rainbow ice...it tasted like nerds, which are high on my list of favorite candy.

and because we didn't want to leave without buying something, we opted for a small take-home bag of the sweet butter popcorn and a small cup of the cookie dough dippin' dots for the bean.

i'm pretty sure we'll stop here again the next time we shop at this mall.  the bean actually remembered how we would grab a bag of that sweet butter popcorn every time we went to the disney store when she was a wee bit younger.  the kiosk used to be right outside, and i used to use it as a bribe to get her to actually leave the disney store back in those days.  i was pretty amused that she remembered that.

thank you to doc popcorn and dippin' dots for all the tasty treats!

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