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Monday, April 17, 2017

it's never too late for an easter egg hunt

our weekend was pretty full with all sorts of activities, which pushed our egg hunt to this morning.  i mean, hey - if monday is good enough for the white house...

anyway, because i'm a dork i decided to do something a little different this year.  the bean is working hard on conquering her multiplication tables right now, trying to pass her 11s and 12s before the end of the year.  we're on spring break this week, and then when she goes back to school she only has 4 weeks left before third grade is over.  and so i decided to incorporate a very tiny bit of math into her egg hunting fun.  is that a dick move?  maybe.  i don't know.  she seemed to enjoy it anyway.

i sat down at the computer and printed out some stuff - little slips that said stuff like 12 x 8, 7 x 11...you get it.  then i printed out two sets of the answers in an enlarged font and thought up some silly rhymes for her scavenger hunt.

the problems went into the eggs:

the clues got taped to the backs of one set of answers and then mounted on a piece of cardstock.

i sent her into the garage to hang out with daddy while her sister and i got to work on hiding the eggs and placing the prizes into their spots.

we had this little basket for her to take around while she hunted for eggs and prizes.

once we explained the game to her, she was ready to get started and found her first egg in no time.  the house isn't that big.  it's not that hard to find stuff in here.

then she headed to the board to get her clue and read it out loud.  the clues were silly, like 
"where will you find the next thing?  look where mom does all her sewing."  and her favorite - "there's a place to hide where you go poo.  and you will find a prize there, too!" she giggled at all of them and happily scampered off to find her prize.

the prizes were silly, like a pack of shrinky dinks or maybe some chocolate.  i threw in a couple of coupons too, like one that promised a snack of her choice during our next trip to disneyland and one that got her two books of her choice at barnes & noble:

and the old lady and i had picked out some games for her at target.  i had to throw this one in too, because i'm always looking for ways to make math fun:

there were eight eggs and prizes all in all.  she seemed to have fun through it all, and now i think we're getting ready to head out so she can redeem one of those coupons.  i'll let you guess which one.

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  1. Oh, so smart! Hey, I forgot to give her the jelly bellies in the car. Can't believe you were there to help me load my stuff and still forgot about the candy. Tsk,tsk..


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