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Monday, April 3, 2017

brunch at the brü

we celebrated the hub's birthday yesterday, and it was a pretty fantastic day.  at least, i think so.  heh.

the bean got up early that morning to make her daddy a birthday card, and then sat him down as soon as it was ready so that he could open all of his cards and the couple of gifts we'd bought for him.

while her card was pretty cute (as it usually is), it was the old lady's card that had us all cracking up like mad.

after we got ourselves cleaned up and dressed, we headed out to pasadena to enjoy a nice sunday brunch at brü grill.  yelp told me it was kid-friendly and had a pretty good variety of delicious-sounding menu items to pick from, and so i'd made us a reservation.  this may have given me a little nudge in their direction, too:

although i have to say, i hate when restaurants make me do the mixing.  just pour the shit together and let me get to drinking without having to worry about spilling all over the table, dammit.

the server moved the OJ into a carafe for easier pouring and then i was happily making my way through my sunday morning beverage.

meanwhile, the bean was busy drawing a birthday portrait of her daddy.  i think he liked it.

brunch started off with fresh pretzel bread served with a fig jam mustard spread and a super delicious tillamook cheese fondue.

both the hub and the bean opted for the buttermilk fried chicken and craft beer waffle.

i stepped out of my box and went with the pork belly chilaquiles.  those are tortilla chips topped with tomatillo sauce and chunks of braised pork belly next to the over-easy eggs and refried beans.  definitely not my usual style, but yelpers raved about them and they were actually pretty delicious.

a server had come by a couple of times to top off my glass with more champagne, and i didn't stop 'em.  going...going...gone.

it was barely noon, it wasn't even MY birthday and i had quite a happy little buzz going.

that second picture just looks like i photobombed a sweet moment between father and daughter.  oh well.

we walked down to philz coffee, where i ordered an iced gingersnap latte even though i wasn't really thirsty but thought maybe the caffeine would be a good thing.

and a quick walk through the pet store resulted in...this.

you guys, we got home and i promptly passed out for god knows how long.  the bean was working on a school project on the dining table and the hub snoozed next to me for a bit.  i woke up and found myself saddled with a pounding headache, and the hub brought me three advils as he headed out to go  check on the lounge for the day.

it may not have been an exciting birthday, but between cards, presents, brunch, taking care of his lightweight wife and enjoying a cigar with his friends, i think the hub had a good day.  he's not one to make a big fuss over his birthday anyway (unlike someone else we all know), and so he was pretty satisfied.

next up...the old lady, who turns 22 next month.  yowza.

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