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Friday, March 31, 2017

yeah, cheetos DO belong in a cookie!

last week, the old lady somehow found her way to a video that showed a recipe for something that i was torn between disgust and fascination:  cheetos cookies.

that's right.  CHEETOS.  COOKIES.  and apparently, this was a copycat recipe for a cookie that can be found - where else? - somewhere on the westside.  there's a little shop called cookie good that offers a ton of different flavors of cookies and brownies and blondies, and so we put it on our list of places to go.

and so when we were out there for our hike, we decided to drive the extra few miles and get our hands on some of those cookies.  they had lots of delicious-sounding flavors, like s'mores and caramel-pretzel-chocolate chunk and candy, candy, candy.  so, duh, right?  we were pretty excited when we pulled up.

the shop is pretty small, but you aren't really there to linger anyway, right?  you're just there for the goods.  reminded me a little of dots cupcakes - tiny shop, tasty treats, small window seating area.

of course, this is what we'd come for:

had we timed it right, we would totally have done this.  i don't even like eating raw cookie dough, but it sounded good.

and this sign told us to, so we did.

you guys...they even have milk in flavors that complement the cookies.

we went on our hike and picked up the bean from school before we allowed ourselves to sample the cookies.  that's some serious restraint, amirite?  and she was pretty stoked when we showed her the box and cracked it open.  the girl who helped us at the counter had packed them perfectly and checked off the flavors we'd selected.  so helpful!

yeah, we picked out a bunch of flavors.  we'd gone with birthday cake, candy, candy, candy, caramel-pretzel-chocolate chunk, cheetos, the chips, chocolate chip, cookies & cream, jr. mint, red velvet and s'mores.  we broke them all up into four pieces so we could share with the hub too, and i don't think anyone was disappointed.

shhhhh...the old lady and i also split a fluffernutter blondie on the way home.  if you've never had a fluffernutter before, it's a marshmallow cream and peanut butter sandwich.  yes.  it is as delicious as it sounds, as was that blondie.  and we only picked it up because the girl said it was the last week as a featured flavor.  yeah.  mmmmmmm.

so, that cheetos cookie?  the old lady LOVED it.  i thought it was just okay - you really can't taste the cheetos, and to me it just tasted like a sugar cookie.  it needs more cheeto magic.  the hub refused to entertain the idea of it, and while it took the bean a day to muster up the desire to give it a shot, she finally did try it and agreed with me.

looks like we'll be trying that copycat recipe at some point.

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