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Monday, March 27, 2017

trying new things sucks sometimes

mondays are becoming a regular disneyland day for me and the old lady.  yeah, i kinda feel bad that we're doing this while the bean toils away at school, but i figure i'll make up for it with her during spring and summer breaks while the old lady's at work.

although easter isn't for a couple of weeks yet, spring break is definitely in effect at the 'land.  schools everywhere started shutting down for breaks starting in early march, and the lines at the security checkpoint were feeling it.

when it's crowded like this, we usually don't make any solid plans for our day.  and in this case, we just wanted to try more of the specialty foods that were available in the parks - no other rides or attractions necessary.  our first stop was to find the golden sparkly churros that are available for a limited time, as they celebrate the 50th anniversary of the pirates ride:

there was a pretty decent line for these, but as most lines at disney do it moved pretty quickly as the cast member whipped right through everyone's orders in a friendly and efficient manner.  and in no time, we had our hands on these babies:

these are no ordinary churros, aside from the pretty, sparkly edible bling.  instead of traditional cinnamon, the gold-dusted churro is lemon flavored.  that sounds weird, and it seems that you either love it or hate it.  i personally loved it, and the old lady liked the lingering sparkle on her fingers when she was done eating hers.

our next stop was the mint julep bar, where these were currently the featured treat:

it's always crowded over there, and so we made our way around to find a bench to sit and enjoy our second shimmery snack.  it just so happened that it was in front of the exclusive club 33, and someone was checking in for a fabulous lunch as we sat down.

as for that beignet?  well, it was okay.  i'm glad we tried them, but i can safely say that we wouldn't go back for another round.

the obligatory castle shot.  we'd left our sunglasses in the car and it was starting to get bright out there, so here's a nice squinty picture for you.

it was starting to get VERY crowded in there.

as we headed out towards california adventure so we could have more food & wine grub, we stopped in at the disneyana store to look at their fun merchandise.

looks like they've figured out another way to squeeze more cash out of people.  for a mere $30 you can rent a portable charger so your phone never runs outta juice.

this time, we decided to check out the AP corner to see if there was anything good there.

there really wasn't much.  just a commemorative button, a photo op and a display of the exclusive AP merchandise for food & wine season.

so we got outta there and headed off to get some food.

this is the bay shrimp louie salad served in a mini sourdough boule.  pretty tasty.

the old lady decided to try the almond milk tea with pudding.  it wasn't bad, but it was super sweet.

we also found the elusive dole whip/pineapple-flavored cotton candy.  i'll save you the effort - it's still a mouthful of sugar with a very subtle hint of pineapple.  stick to the regular stuff.

these were the korean bbq tacos, and all that green stuff is chopped cilantro.  it was a nightmare for me as i tried to pick off as much of it as i could.  i DESPISE cilantro with the fire of a thousand suns.

as for the old lady, she had the teriyaki chicken slider.  it was good, but like her almond milk tea it was rather sweet.

i was kinda bummed that our food & wine adventure this time was pretty much a bust.  next time we're just going to stick to what we know is good...and wash it down with a full-sized glass of sangria!

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