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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

st. paddy's day shenanigans

our st. patrick's day celebrations were pretty low-key, as they always are.  i mean, it's not like we're even irish or anything.  heh.

i finally tried out the local fresh-pressed juice bar that opened recently.  this was a fun combo of cucumber, lime, orange, kale, parsley, and spinach - which i admit sounds gross as hell, but it was really tasty!

the bean had choir pictures that day at school, but packed a green outfit and rocked a festive headband in the meantime.

and because i'd had leftover cookie dough from an order, i made a bunch of these that she took to school to share (and the old lady got to share some at work too).

i took a barre class and made a pitstop on the way home for some fun krispy kreme treats:

and the hub took me to a newish place for lunch, where we were in corned beef heaven.  this was a corned beef "burger" with horseradish aioli and slaw, served with tater tots (!!!).

he opted for the traditional corned beef plate, washed down with a nice cold beer.

dessert was a warm brownie skillet and fresh cookies served with this tiny mug of icy milk:

when i got home, i worked on a quick project for the old lady to wear that evening.  we were taking our girl scout troop to the 7pm showing of "beauty and the beast."  on a friday.  which was also opening night.  she deserved something fun for her presence.

i decided to try a little disneybounding and planned to wear this:

but the old lady nixed the t-shirt and i ended up wearing a little white cardigan over it instead.  there was already a pretty big lineup happening when we arrived at the theater, even an hour and 15 minutes early.

somehow, we managed to secure almost an entire row once inside...enough for all 14 brownies to sit together.  we sat behind them with a few of the parents, and once the snacks were picked up and distributed we all settled back and enjoyed the movie.  all 2 hours + of it.  we all loved it though, and i'd actually like to go see it again so i can enjoy it without constantly looking over to check on the girls in front of us.

i'd call st. patrick's day 2017 a smashing success.

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