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Monday, May 29, 2017

looking back at the last days

i'm pretty sure most of you aren't at work today and won't be spending any of your precious off-duty time looking at my blog, so i'm going to just do a quick little walk down memory lane.  because it's fun.  the end of a school year always has me wanting to do a little reminiscing, and you've probably seen this around this time of year from me anyway.  don't want to disappoint.

so...last day of kindergarten, in 2014:

she looks so tiny!  and my chalkboard looks like i did it with my left foot or something.  yikes.

by the last day of first grade, i'd gotten my shit together.

a year later, at the end of second grade:

and just last week, finishing off the third grade.

one of my facebook friends pointed out that i better make sure i find a shorter skirt for next year, since there's apparently a pattern here.  maxi dress on the odd year, short for the even.  got it.

i do love this little tradition, though.  it's going to be super fun to put together a slideshow or something when she graduates from high school.  ooooohhhh, i can't wait!

wait, yes i can.  i don't want the time to go by any faster than it already is.  YARG.

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