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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

mini cee is 8!

it's hard to believe how fast these kids are growing up.  this past weekend, the bean and i headed out to south pasadena to help lilcee & co. celebrate mini cee's 8th birthday.  the party venue was really cute, a little shop tucked in the back of a toy shop along mission street.

(that's the back door, by the way, which we found out later was totally the way to go since we'd parked in the lot behind the shop)

it's really, really cute inside.

because we'd gotten stuck in carmageddon, aka typical southern california traffic, we were about 20 minutes late and the bean scrambled to get caught up.  the girls were already knee-deep in the jewels, gathering supplies to make themselves a pretty necklace.

i loved all of the old time-y props that were scattered around the room.  some were for sale, others were just for looks.  and it was fun to look up and see this on the ceiling:

the girls were totally entertained by the two hosts, working on first a necklace and then a bracelet before eating and playing a scavenger hunt game.

the bean isn't really a jewelry-wearing kinda gal, but she was happy to make the necklace for me and the bracelet for her sister.  she even wore both pieces all the way through the party, which surprised me a little.  jewelry doesn't really last on her for much longer than ten minutes.

it had been a really fun afternoon, and we were sad to leave.  happy 8th birthday to mini cee!

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