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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

more cookies for the portfolio

i got to do a handful of fun cookies over the last few weeks, and because i know how much you love my cookies i'm going to share them with you.  heh.

baby shower cookies are always fun for me, because they're fairly easy but have a ton of designs to play around with.  i was asked for rattles:


and onesies.  i'm cracking up that i'm just now (weeks later) realizing that i never finished the "flower" on a few of these, making it look like i drew a nipple or something on one side.  oops.

they make a fun collection though, don't you think?

minnie and mickey came to join the cookie party too.

this was my first time doing cookies with a super mario bros. theme, and i think they turned out okay. i do love those silly little mushrooms.

and then i got to do some cookies for a baptism.  i really like the monochrome effect on these, and i might have to do that again the next chance i get.

i know i have a few fun designs coming up in the next month or so, like tsum tsums, sesame street and some new version of wonder woman that looks interesting.  i hope i can pull 'em all off.

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