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Friday, July 6, 2018

crafting our way through summer

the bean and i have both been busy this summer working on all sorts of fun handmade crafts and things.  when the ILs were here last month her grandma took her on a shopping spree at michaels, where they picked up all sorts of materials for some fun projects.  they painted rocks (which i stupidly forgot to get pictures of ), made lots of slime, and a kit that really caught the bean's attention.  it was a star wars-themed felt doll kit, and along with some basic skills she'd learned at school this past year plus MIL's patient guidance, she started turning out the cutest little felt plush toys.  while i can't seem to find the han solo and princess leia she made first (gah!), i managed to capture this one.  it's in the likeness of one of her favorite tutors at her math program, who was delighted when the bean presented it to her.

from there, she got even more creative and made this little burger:

cotton candy:

she even took it a step further and made her own labels and packaging.  how cute is this taco?

when i suggested she make a starbucks-style drink, she came up with this.

and last but not least, a chocolate chip cookie:

speaking of cookies, here are a few fun designs i've gotten to work on in the last month or so.

i've also been sewing like crazy.  i'm in a facebook group that's doing a "100 things in 2018" challenge, where the goal is to sew at least 8 items per month.  two of june's projects were for the bean:

these skorts are for her sister:

this is my 4th of july dress.  heh.

and i did my best to recreate a dress i'd seen on pinterest.  it's not exactly right, but it's good enough.  obviously - inspiration on the left, me on the right.

i do have my fair share of flops, though.  i've made shorts that are too tight, tops that just don't work and then there's dresses that seem a little...blah, like this one:

and this one.  it seemed so cute in my head, but in reality...well, not so much.  way too short and tight.  i'm too old to pull this off in public.

i have lots and lots of fabric to work with (as the hub will tell you) along with a bunch of patterns i still want to try.  the bean always needs new clothes, and i'm always looking for fun new things to wear.  this is one hobby that pays off!


  1. I love all her stuffies! I used to participate in swap-bot (google it) and made tons of those myself. She may enjoy checking out my photo collection on flickr. https://www.flickr.com/photos/shinianen/

  2. Turn the dress with yellow flowers into a peplum top?

  3. The blah dress is so cute! Wear it with some white sneakers!


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