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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

first night market of the year

just before the bean and MIL took off for grandma camp, we got to hit up the very first 626 night market of the summer.  we were actually going to meet up with one of the bean's BFFs and her mom, but i kept that little tidbit to myself (well, myself and MIL and the old lady).  it's always fun to surprise her with meetups like that.

we usually head out there as soon as they open at 4, but it was a pretty warm day and our friends weren't going to be able to head out until at least 6:30.  so we waited and left a little later, and when we arrived it was pretty crowded.  the first shopping booth we saw was this one:

and it was a total blast to the past for me and the old lady, because that used to be a shop in the santa anita mall that we would visit regularly for cute clothing items and cheap basics.  they also carried lots of fun accessories and novelties, which doesn't seem to have changed.  like, check out this outfit:

and lots of awesome disney pieces like these:

these made us giggle, too.

these bras were at a nearby booth:

and then while the old lady and her special friend decided to check out the pop-up stussy warehouse sale, MIL and the bean and i were delighted to find an old friend parked close by:

we were excited to partake in some delicious crab rolls, dripping in melted butter.  oh, so good.

when the old lady rejoined us, we got in line for her first snack of the day - a cup of colorful uni-corn...fresh roasted corn coated in cotija cheese, mayo and butter.

next, we decided to indulge in some delicious chewy waffles.

we strolled around, munching on our snacks, checking out the other booths and cracking up at some of the signage.

we did end up stopping at this one to pick up a drink.

that syringe contained a serving of activated charcoal that was to be squirted into the lemonade.  i still don't really get what makes this stuff so good for you, but whatever.  it didn't really taste like anything, but it was cold and refreshing.

while the old lady and her special friend got in line to pick up ramen burgers:

the rest of us got together for at least one group selfie.  it's one of the least flattering pictures of me ever, but it's the only one i got.

the girls talked us into letting them play a couple of the carnival games:

and the bean emerged triumphant.  she actually managed to win two prizes, and she gave the other one to her friend.

making our way back towards the exit through the shopping area, we of course had to stop here:

and of course, i let myself get sucked into letting the bean pick out some slime to take home.  she chose two - dole whip and mint chip ice cream scented.  super happy camper.

it had been really fun sharing the night market experience with our friends, and we can't wait for the next chance to visit again.

besides, there's still so many delicious treats to sample.  lucky for us, there are at least two more night market weekends of the season!

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