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Friday, July 20, 2018

wrapping it up

the rest of our vacation went by in a huge blur.  after a nice nap to sleep off my bloody mary afternoon, i got myself up and ready for our dinner reservation at the ship's steakhouse.  i'd originally made this dress to wear on the 4th of july because of the red, white and blue fabric but decided to save it for this evening instead.

i've never actually played shuffleboard.  missed my chance again.  oh well.

dinner was delicious and a steal at $60 for both of us even with appetizers, drinks, their best cuts of meat and dessert.

 the next morning, we woke up back in miami.

it didn't take us much time to pack up and get ourselves out of there, especially since we were carrying our own luggage off the ship.

we'd skipped out on breakfast (like the rest of our days on the cruise, haha) and instead caught an uber that took us here:

we kicked it off with delicious cafe con leche and a couple of cuban pastries, and the rest of the breakfast was pretty ordinary (but still delicious).

our next uber driver got to take us on a multi-stop trip, with the first stop at a small cigar factory.

the next stop was at a cigar distributor that the hub had visited before.

 outside, i couldn't pass up the chance to pose with a giant cigar-smoking chicken.

and our last stop in miami was the airport.

the johnnie walker store was super fancy.  too bad they wouldn't let us buy anything since we weren't headed off to an international destination.

look what we found right next to our gate!  the hub picked up a sandwich that we shared before we got on the plane.

vacation almost over.  much sadness.

 i spent the next four and a half hours watching movies, and then we were landing at LAX.

welcome home indeed.

i always enjoy gazing at these vintage mosaic walls whenever we're in the older terminals at LAX.

of course, there was super heavy traffic on our way home.  we pulled into our driveway about an hour or so after we'd landed, and the house was full and happy again.  it was so nice to see the girls, along with the special friend, MIL and mollydog, and although we'd really enjoyed our time together we'd missed them a lot.

wonder where our next vacation will take us...

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