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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

bonding with stevie

i got my second chance to dogsit stevie when the old lady and her special friend headed out to the desert to visit his dad for a weekend.  we'd had a successful weekend a few weeks ago, when they went to coachella, and so i wasn't as nervous and more excited to spend some quality time with my...granddoggy.  hahahahaa.

they dropped him off with us on saturday afternoon after the old lady got out of work, and after they set up his crate and left us with his toys and treats, they headed on out.  and i was pleasantly surprised when he settled down almost right away.  we played for awhile and when he ran around the house looking for them, he only whimpered for a minute and then resumed playing with me.  i rewarded him with a new toy, pilfered from the bag of donations that the bean was putting together while cleaning her room.

after he'd gotten his fill of playing catch with the new toy, he hopped up onto the couch and got into guard-dog mode.  he watched the people walking their dogs outside intently, barking a few times and wagging his tail so hard i thought it'd fall right off.

a little while later, he came and snuggled with me on the couch while i watched tv.

the next morning, i let him out of his crate to run around and burn off some energy and go potty before the bean and i took off to have brunch with our friends.  we got to try the meat district co. in pasadena, and we had a great time.

we stopped at our favorite cupcake spot on the way home:

and then we took stevie with us for the bean to go to cheer practice.  it had been raining and was wet and muddy outside, so i didn't get to take him to the local dog park while she practiced.  instead, we sat in the car together.  and i think he was extra tired from all the running around he'd done over the last couple of days because most of the time he did this:

and then we got to snuggle on the couch a little more before his mom and dad came home to pick him up.

the house has such a different vibe when stevie's there.  i really miss having a dog around - and we've been talking about bringing a new friend home sometime soon.  i can't wait to see what we get...

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