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Friday, October 11, 2019

tea time at the langham

for her 40th birthday, my friend kelley created a local bucket list and then invited all of her friends to help her celebrate by choosing an activity to do with her.  pretty creative, and a great way to ensure being able to spend time with buddies from different circles doing something fun.  and the activities all sounded like a good time: goat yoga, a trip to the malibu wine safari, a hot air balloon ride, afternoon tea at the langham.  i'm sure you can guess which one i chose.  heh.

it just so happened that lilcee and dailygluttony had also chosen tea at the langham, and we didn't even coordinate it.  it's because we're classy bitches like that.  we decided to carpool so that we didn't have three separate cars to valet, and pulled in just before tea time.  the first thing that caught my eye, besides the gorgeous hotel itself, was this instagram-worthy flower wall:

we ran into kelley as we were heading in, and so we walked in together.  there's some construction going on at the langham right now, so we were escorted through the bar before making our way into the lobby lounge.  there was a bridal shower going on at the same time, and so instead of being seated with a view of their beautiful gardens, we sat behind the harpist.

when given a choice between regular ol' afternoon tea and the royal tea - which included a glass of champagne - well, you know what we did.

a champagne selfie is always a requirement, yes?

after selecting tea flavors, fresh scones were brought out with devonshire cream and lemon curd.  today's selections were blueberry and chocolate chip.

and of course, there was plenty of photo documentation of everything.

the tiers of goodies came next, with tea sandwiches and desserts galore.  there was smoked salmon and caviar, asian pear with blue cheese mousse, shrimp with red cabbage slaw, egg salad with prosciutto, smoked trout with apples and beets and of course, cucumber with creme fraiche.  desserts included chocolate cake, sparkly macarons, a cute little fruit tart and other stuff i never even got around to eating.

our take-home cookies came with the langham's logo on them.  looking at these, i don't feel bad about the edges of my own edible images being visible when i put them on cookies.  ha.

we sang to the birthday girl (accompanied by the harpist, which was fun) when yet another plate of dessert came out (which is ironic considering she's not much of a sweets fan to begin with).

and then we got one group photo before we left.

we headed out to the lobby, where we ooh'd and aah'd over the gorgeous floral arrangement in the entryway.

and then tossed one of our pink leftovers boxes on the table for another shot.

flower wall photo shoot time!

 how cute would it be to be driven around pasadena in this little pinkmobile?

it was quite a lovely way to spend an afternoon, munching and chatting and meeting new people.  and maybe one of these days i'll be able to take the girls for tea. they do a kids' etiquette tea here, which i would have loved to take the bean to, but of course she has a cheer competition on the same day.  boo.

oh well.  i'll just have to get her into cotillion or something.  i'm determined to turn this kid into a proper lady.  muahahahahahahahaha.

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