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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

the bean is 12 (!!!!!)

i just can't believe we've gone from this:


to this.

her last night of being 11:

and then i scrambled to put this together for her door.  since she closes it all the way and it makes a really loud noise when you open it, i couldn't get away with sneaking in to put the balloons on the floor for her this year.  i was kind of bummed, but i guess it's just one more thing...

and as i'd been planning since my own birthday two weeks ago when she bounced into our room bright and early with breakfast she'd gotten up to cook for me, i reciprocated with some 6:30am red velvet pancakes.

i think she was a little sad not to have the annual balloon covered floor too, but she hid it pretty well.  and she endured my "happy birthday" song and dance as i presented her with her breakfast and her first gift of the day.

and she did like those streamers, by the way.

it's just amazing to me that she's already 12.  she's the same age her sister was when she was born.  in 3 years she'll be in high school, and in 4 years she'll be driving.  6 years from now she'll be a legal adult.  and it's all going to fly by so quickly, it'll be a huge blur and we'll have to work really hard to slow down and enjoy every moment.  she's smart, funny, hardworking, a perfectionist, sarcastic as hell and a bright light in our lives. 

happy birthday to my little girl.  i love you oh so much.

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