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Monday, May 12, 2008

and fuckyouverymuch, officer shithead mcfuckerson.

this morning, i decided to pick up some balloons and treats for the teen and drop them off at school. i knew she'd love the attention, and i thought it'd be a nice way to start off her week. i cackled as i selected hot pink and purple (apparently, those are the favorite colors this month) latex balloons, plus hello kitty and hannah montana mylars. i threw in two more mylars with a "1" and a "3" on them (since there aren't any special balloons for 13th birthdays), put together a goody bag with a purple bear, some candy, and a card, and called it a day.

then, the bean and i picked up my cousin r to take her to the airport for her flight back to new york after a very short weekend trip home.
but first, we headed out to nbc seafood restaurant in monterey park for dim sum. yummy! the bean even napped in her car seat while we munched on the delicious delicacies, sipped tea, and chatted about the fun weekend. she woke up towards the tail end of our meal, and was all smiles and happiness.

here they are, gazing at each other very meaningfully.

i was sad when the time came to drop her off, but she'll be back at the end of june. hanging out with r is always so much fun! next time, i'll have to remember to take her to afternoon tea - another of our favorite rituals.

i decided to check out the local whole foods (since we don't have one near us), to search for environmentally-friendly g diapers. and i found them - in size small.

of course, the bean needs medium. bah!

since i had her strapped in the carrier and i needed some exercise, i walked across the parking lot towards starbucks for a green tea lemonade. but this store next door caught my eye:

it was called "swoozies" - a stupid ass name, mind you, but it's quite a cute little shop! very, very girly. and i bought the teen this tiara - minus the earrings. she'd been dropping hints about how she wanted to wear a crown to disneyland, so i thought this would be perfect. she's gonna love it.

i also scooped up some leopard-print cards to make invitations for her to give friends at school. we're having a casual party for her birthday on sunday (complete with the standard moon bouncer, of course), and she wanted to invite some of her new buddies (along with her old ones). they're so cute, and she's going to love them!

after i picked up my drink and got back in the car, i was heading up sepulveda towards the freeway when i saw a motorcycle cop out of the corner of my eye, with a laser gun - a little too late. i thought i was in the clear when he didn't immediately come after me, but as i watched him in the rearview, he swung out and sped up to catch up to me. fuck.

but as i sat at the red light, he just sat behind me and i thought i was good to go.

until we got the green, i started to cross the intersection, and then he got in behind me and hit the lights.

at the same time, the bean started to wail. damn, damn, damn!

"sepulveda's posted at 45, ma'am (i HATE being called "ma'am," much like i abhor "hun"). and i clocked you at 61."

he even showed me the reading on his stupid little toy as he told me this.

ugh. but i think i'm eligible for traffic school. at least, i hope so.


  1. Aw, effer! That totally BLOWS! What an ass. Find some easy breezy traffic school online and you'll be good to go.

    OK, can I please be your kid? How many parties is she having exactly? The good life!

  2. You got a ticket because you didn't tell me you were going to be in my 'hood with the Bean! Karma! :P

  3. That stinks about the ticket! I freakin' LOVE that Swoozies store though :)

  4. boooooo!!!

    so i still don't get what they sell at swoozies.

  5. I hate "ma'am" almost as much as I hate "madam."

  6. if someone calls me ma'am i assume that doesn't apply to me and keep on going. ma'am has to be one of the worst words in the WHOLE WORLD.
    stupid ticket!!!!!!!!

  7. Boooooo! Sign up for an online traffic school and it'll be over before you know it.

    Is Swoozies like a Claire's? Or Forever 21 that sells accessories?

    And your kid is one lucky kid to you have you as her mom :)

  8. I should also mention that at first glance, I thought you somehow had a balloon made with the kid's picture (instead of Hannah Montana). I was like, hmmm isn't that kind of embarassing??

  9. those balloons are awesome! and leopard invites? suh-weet!

    sucks about the ticket :( do traffic school online and call it a day.

  10. Boo to motorcycle cops :P

    What cute stuff. I got balloons at school when I was that age. It was so much fun!

  11. I have to enroll in traffic school as well. caught by a red light camera!

  12. Boo hiss to tickets! Which reminds me...I have to send in the money for my last one ;-)

  13. will you adopt me? I want rad birthday parties, dammit!

  14. It's confirmed. I want you to be my mom on my next birthday.

    A big fat dammit for that ticket, but your traffic school on-line will be over in a flash.

  15. You should have handed off the screaming bean to him.


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