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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

party planning is fun!

here's the invitations i did for the teen to hand out to friends at school:

and the moon bouncer i reserved:
i'm going to order an ice cream cake and have them put the t-shirt picture collage on it. oh em gee, this is going to be so much damn fun!

i must explain, though - there's a reason why we've been killing ourselves to make this birthday so special. not only is she now "the teen," but the extra special attention she's gotten from us hasn't been matched by the dark side. in fact, the treatment from the dark side has been almost exactly the opposite. ugh.

i'm thinking that you can guess what i mean by that. right?


  1. Too much! But awesome. How are you ever going to be able to match the efforts of this birthday?

    You're a good, good mana :) The teen is one lucky girl!

  2. I want you to plan my next bday. Sad that the enthusiasm isn't matched on both sides.

  3. Well as she gets older she's not going to want you to make a big fuss about her birthdays anymore . . . so enjoy planning the best.birthday.ever while she still appreciates your effort :)

    Then you can shift your focus on planning the bean's birthday parties!!

    Oh and BTW, my birthday is in November.

  4. At least the teen will not become the next star on "Sweet 16", crying about how she didn't get the perfect convertible for her birthday present. I can't wait to see how all of this turns out.

    The dark side must suck majorly.

  5. So awesome! You are such a cool mom!

  6. Cutest birthday invites ever.
    Lucky teen.
    Awesome mom.
    This is the way every girl should usher in the big 1-3.

  7. Gosh, I'm sorry your girl even has to deal with a dark side. At least she has a great mama!!

  8. i get it now.

    you totally rock. in the vein of winnie, my birthday is in july. i won't make you take me to disneyland in THAT weather. ;)

  9. love it! and while the dark side is a POS, at least she has a stellar mom to make up for it :)

  10. You're such a cool mom! The dark side sounds sucky, but the teen is super lucky to have you to outweigh all the negative.

  11. The dark side is no good, but we already knew that. Besides 13 is THE big birthday in my culture!

  12. I'm really digging the animal print lining. Rowwrrr!

    The dark side can suck it.


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