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Friday, May 9, 2008

john mayer works at subway?

i've already had a funny ass morning, and it's not even 10 yet!

the hub, off to a golf tourney for a client today, emerged from the bedroom in a red polo and khaki shorts. i took one look and asked him with a totally straight face, "can you tell me where to find the q-tips?"

[blank stare]

"how about finding me a mossimo dress in a size 4?"

[continued blank stare]

"ugh. okay. are you leaving for your second job at target?" finally, it sinks in. i get the side eye and he continues getting ready. so i call the kid over and ask her what the hub reminds her of this morning.

"i dunno, christmas?"

i tell her that i think he looks like a target employee. she sputters, cracks up, points and laughs a bit more, and goes back to her breakfast. i continue to laugh while the hub shoots me another "look" and goes about his business.

then, on the way to school, we're listening to an XM radio channel to some song i don't recognize. and as it plays, i ask the kid what it is.

"it sounds like john mayer, mom."
"i swear, it sounds like he's singing "sandwich with meat today." don't you think so?"

she listens, and i get the side eye from her as she tells me "he's saying "say what you need to say," mom! you dork!"

soooo... my husband works at target, and john mayer is selling $5 foot-long sandwiches.

okay, i'm thinking that none of that was as funny typed out as it was to me at the time. i laughed all the way home. whatever!

i found a dress to wear to tomorrow's wedding at white house | black market. i had a coupon, and i'm actually satisfied with how i look in it. plus, it has pockets! so fun! i'm thinking i'll wear it with the kid's red shoes from last summer. and i'll get to wear it to the other wedding we're going to next month. whee!

i spent a good part of yesterday making mother's day cards. i even took pictures, but i'll have to post them later. right now, i'm trying to get the bean to eat her cereal.

mmmmmm. you want some, don'tcha?


  1. I like the new banner! Cute!

    Love the story of your husband's outfit. Hehe.

  2. oh, i like the new look!

    the hubs outfit is cracking me up!

    i puffy heart that song by john mayer. <3 but, it's definitely not about sandwiches :P

  3. Love the banner!!

    I love the black, white, and red combo.

  4. It makes me smile to picture you getting a kick out of your stories.

  5. I love the new look. It's so cute.

    Target employee :) I may have pointed and laughed like the kid.

  6. love the new banner. My hubby went to a golf touney today too.

  7. I laughed to myself. I think I'm a bigger dork because I wasn't there and it was still kind of funny.

  8. Nice new look, dude. Very girly (and therefore perfect for you). ;)

  9. great new look!

    i love that the dress has pockets. i want one now just so i can have pockets, too.

  10. Please take a picture of the "look." I need a visual.

    Love the new layout, although I'm sad one of my awesome titles didn't get picked.

  11. I am cracking up at "sandwich with meat today"!!! hahahaha!

  12. LOL! On the song reference! I do that ALL the time! It reminds me of that commercial where the guy is singing- "Rock the cat box Rock the cat box" instead of "Rock the Casbah"


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