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Thursday, May 1, 2008

mother's day is two weeks away.


well, if you're like me and are finally getting around to starting the search for a gift, you can always check this out:

Cool Mom Picks Mother's Day Guide

no, i'm not getting paid for that, but i found some cute stuff i like there. i wonder if i should drop some hints the hub's way. because i doubt i'll be getting the $325 diaper bag i REALLY dig. heh.

actually, i think i'd love almost any of the bags on this list.

maybe mental telepathy will work. i'll try it now.


  1. Wow, who knew diaper bags came in so many sizes, shapes, and colors :)

  2. my friend LOVES her orange mia bossi.

    i was inspired by tater and just ordered my mom a sigg bottle to keep her water cool while she gardens and stuff. it's all pretty in blue and orange.

  3. My mom is getting a meal, and she's gonna like it, damn it.

  4. ummm, could you use some of that telepathy on the unfrozen caveman lawyer, please!

  5. My mom's easy - but MIL is a royal PITA to shop for. I'm going to check this out right now.

  6. I have NO idea what to get for my mother. Sigh.

  7. I'm really glad I don't require gifts for Mother's Day. And that my Mom doesn't care about it either. A card and I'm set.

  8. whee! i finished mine today...by buying candles. oops. but they really like them. really.

  9. That link is currently down so I can't check out the uber-cute bags. But in related news, my PPB bag arrived today! Wheee!

    I think I'm getting my mom a massage or facial. She loves that stuff.

  10. My mom is gettimg a plame ticket to Alaska. I am such a bad daughter.


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