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Monday, May 19, 2008

wii love birthday presents!

the hub has always been VERY anti-video games in the house. for the most part, i've been right there with him on that thought. too many kids are hanging out inside the house, asses firmly planted on the couch, game controller super glue-d to their hands. although it's hard to just let 'em run amok outside nowadays, what with creepy dudes and kidnappers and shit, it's still sad that you rarely see kids playing outside anymore.

i spent most of my childhood outside, roller skating, running around, going to the park, what have you. i did my share of hanging out inside the house, too - reading, watching tv, making and eating snacks, and i played some video games on our atari 800. bwahahahaha! it wasn't even something cool like coleco vision. oh no, our video game system was also one of the early versions of a home computer. nerd! although we DID have fun games like pac man, donkey kong, and dig dug. heh.

but then there were all sorts of newer, more sophisticated systems out. and hundreds of games were available to go with them! by this time, though, i was more into going to the mall with friends and hanging out and other stuff like that. plus, the games were really violent and i just wanted to play nice, calm games like tetris. so i lost interest in video gaming altogether.

and then nintendo's wii system came out. i saw people of all ages playing with it at kiosks in the mall, or in the video game section at target. i thought it was pretty cool that it got you off the couch and more into the game, and although i wanted one, the hub stood firm: no video games in the house. as hard as the teen lobbied for it (while i sat back with my fingers crossed), he wasn't budging.

the teen and i were eyeing some of the games a couple of weeks ago and she said
"if the hub asks me what i want for my birthday, i'm so telling him i want a wii." and i said "yeah! that's what i want for mother's day! it'd be so much fun!" and sure enough, when he asked, that's what she said. he rolled his eyes and said "what else do you want?" and we figured that was that.

while walking around at disneyland this weekend (full recap of that to come), he confessed that he'd been reading up on it on the internet and hitting up every store he could think of in search of the elusive wii. i really do love how much he wants to make her (and me) happy, especially since she can be such a shit to him sometimes. anyway, after all of his research, he'd finally come to the conclusion that we'd been trying to explain to him for months - that the wii isn't your typical gaming system.

boys. you just gotta guide 'em in such a way that they finally come around to your way of thinking, but think they came up with it all on their own. [sigh]

unfortunately for him, that damn wii was sold out everywhere he went. and he wanted to give it to her at the party, so he didn't bother looking online. but with none available anywhere, he gave up. i was sad.

at the party, the ILs convinced her to come inside for just a moment to open a few presents. the teen is like me - HATES opening gifts in front of people. it's just way embarrassing, and far too much pressure to have all those eyes on you, waiting for your reaction to every present you open. bleh. but she gave in, snuck away from her friends, and joined us in the air-conditioned living room.

and when she pulled that box out of the giant gift bag, i don't know who was more excited, her or me. just like disneyland, the hub (with the ILs help) managed to make both of us happy with the same present! i tried to contain my excitement so that she didn't realize that it was as much of a surprise to me as it was to her, because the hub kept telling her it was from both of us. i'm not too sure how successful i was - i'm a horrible liar.

when she went back outside to her friends, i blurted out "hey, thanks for the heads-up to keep me from squealing and clapping when she opened that present."

the ILs and the hub laughed their asses off for a solid five minutes.


  1. I want a Wii soooo bad.

    Lucky girls!

    Happy Birthday to The Teen!

  2. Whee for the Wii! It's a lot of fun, you and the hub will both enjoy it!

  3. Yay for the Wii!

    And wow! "The teen!"

  4. Eeeee I'm so excited for you and the teen! Seriously it's life-changing.

    You know what I hate the most are kids whose faces are glued to the PSPs at the dinner table. It's so rude. I get that kids don't want to participate in adults' conversations but they can talk amongst themselves or draw on the table or something.

  5. Your hubby is so sweet! That was really nice of him and your IL's to find the Wii game for her and YOU! You guys will have a ton of fun. I just saw a game that will be coming out on the Today show and it's more for working out. It looked kinda fun. They had hoola hoops, skiing, and even yoga...which I thought was sorta strange, but kinda cool in a way. Have fun with it!

  6. I want a Wii! Can I come play? Haha.

    ps-can't wait for the D-Land recap

  7. I think I'm the only person left in this country who has yet to even try the Wii! I want one!!

  8. I've never tried the Wii, but if we didn't already have the PS2 and the Xbox 360, we'd totally have one.

    I'm going to be the worst mom ever. I'm all about video games, obviously. ;)

  9. You finally got the Wii! Wheeee! :)

  10. One time, when I went to Target, this guy had a sheet of notebook paper that said, "Wii for Sale." He was standing in the electronics department, which had run out of the Wii. I thought this was weird. I guess it wasn't really.

    The End.

  11. Playing Wii Tennis and Bowling was one of the best workouts of my life.

    I don't know if that makes the Wii a hardcore exercise video game console or if that makes me a hardcore lazy lard-ass.

  12. He is the bestessess - that is awesome! Time to schedule a wii bowling gtg at your place, I get drunk off the happiness that game brings me.

  13. jealousE!!!

    ummm...we saw a family of 4 on a gondola in venice and the two kids were each playing their nintendos while the guy was rowing them around. THAT is bad.

  14. What a cool gift. He's got the makings of a pretty awesome father. Just keep an eye on him since her "Super Sweet Sixteen" isn't too far away.....

  15. you're going to have so much fun with it!! obviously, GH and rock band are popular, but i've also heard fun things about mariokart. surprisingly, as much as i don't enjoy watching golf, the tiger woods golf game is pretty sweet.

    happy game shopping!


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