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Thursday, May 29, 2008

a not-so-shocking confession

i've grown to LIKE the jonas brothers.

that's right. i said it. i even have a favorite song. pwah!

obviously, you can guess what i'm about to share: i was successful in securing some fairly decent seats for the newly added shows. please note, i said showS.

i told the teen yesterday that i was going to shoot for better seats at the monday show and that we could just sell the shitty tickets we'd bought for the show on saturday at the further-from-home venue.

"nooooooo! i've got birthday money, mom, can't we pleeeeease just go to both?"


and as i'm high-fiving myself on my ticketbastard victory, i decide to check out what i can get for the sunday show - just in case the seats are better. and then as they came up (pretty shitty, nosebleed-section), i noticed they were cheap as hell ($25).

yup, you guessed it. i bought those too. but i think i'll sell those as the date approaches. these shows are sure to sell out, so i'm thinking i'll at least get face value for them, if not more. heh. and now i get to see if i can dig up a friend who's willing to be my date for the show. er, showS.

mark your calendars, folks. weekend of july 12th. it's gonna be a jo-bros extravaganza! woo-hoo!


  1. I like them too. I haven't heard any of their music but they seem like great role models for the many teenagers they seem to be attracting. Hopefully they keep up that image. Heaven knows how hard it is to find good role models nowadays. I think it's a great thing for you and your daughter to share as well.

    Hope you guys have a blast!

  2. Maybe it's just me, but I probably wouldn't publicize where I'm sitting in advance of the concert. :/

  3. How many shows are you going to woman? I hope the teen remembers all this when it comes time for you to need something. ;)

  4. please tell me the teen realizes she has a saint for a mother? ;)

  5. I personally cannot stand the Jo-Bros, but glad that the kid gets to go! I will make fun of YOU though~hahaha!

  6. wow. that's a lot of tickets. Have fun!

  7. Sometimes I wonder if you like the Jonas Bros more than the teen does :)

  8. If I didn't live thousands of miles (I'm guessing) away I'd go with you! I love those guys!

  9. oooh, let me know before you ditch the tix. Madi would love to go!

  10. remind me again which one of you is the kid in this relationship?

  11. Omg, I love it!! You crack me up!


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