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Thursday, May 1, 2008

happy 7-month-day!

that's right, folks. as of today, the bean has been in this world for seven whole months! woohoo! and yes, we'll be doing this every month until her first birthday. come on now. this is me, remember?

and here are some adorable tops i got at the nest baby shop on clearance for $5! perfect for summer, and they even embroidered them for free.

this also means that we're now back to much more fun topics - more wan-like, if you will. whee! of course, this is not to say that i won't talk about more serious things now and then, but all that crappy family bullshit is so two weeks ago. no more! and thank god for that.

check out the bean's first sweet potato dinner - we finally found something she actually likes eating (duh, they're SWEET potatoes):

and remember that nibbler thingy i told you about? here's our first try, with just plain ol' ice inside. it was so damn hot last week, it came in mighty handy. not to mention, when i ran it up and down her arms and legs, it cooled her off and made her laugh. worth every penny, just for those giggles.

plus, we can focus on the kid and her upcoming THIRTEENTH birthday. holy shit. she really wants to take a couple of friends to disneyland and then have a little gathering at the house. so i'm now looking for rooms at the fabulous grand californian hotel. i'm thinking we'll scoop up those two-fer tickets (where you get to go to both disney parks on separate days for the price of a one-day ticket), go after school on a friday, check in to the hotel, and play at california adventure till they close. and then after a good night's sleep (heh), get up early and spend all saturday at disneyland!

i know some of you are cringing at the very thought *cough*monkey!*cough* but y'all know me - i love disneyland. so while this is supposed to be for the kid, i'll be reaping the benefits too ;)

i've already made dinner reservations for friday night at the vineyard room - it's a fine dining restaurant right in the middle of california adventure - and then at blue bayou on saturday. we love having dinner there - it's the restaurant that you glide past as you begin your ride on pirates of the caribbean.

plus, we've got mother's day weekend coming up. that's going to be a crazy ass two days - we just found out that BIL is graduating from culinary school that saturday. then my cousin's wedding (the one we recently attended the
bridal shower for) - which i'm looking forward to because she's so sweet and looks so damn happy. although the recent family bullshit is also making me feel a bit hesitant - i'm just hoping that folks will be able to focus on the fact that it's the bridal couple's day. hopefully it won't be awkward for anyone. i plan to stroll in with the hub, rocking my gold dress, and enjoy every minute. my cousin deserves nothing but happiness on her wedding day and i refuse to be anywhere near anything negative for her.

not to mention, the wango tango concert that the kid is so looking forward to is that night. shit, that reminds me - i better talk to her friends' parents again, just to make sure that they're still cool with taking them.

and then, of course, the following day is mother's day. which is also my brother and his girlfriend's graduation day! um, and that very day is the kid's actual birthday.

i'm already tired just thinking of it, but it's gonna be a fun two weekends - in a row. maybe i should take a nap now and store it up, like squirrels stockpiling nuts.


  1. I'm jealous! Maybe you'll be dreamed and get to stay in the Walt Disney Apartment (aka Disney Gallery). Don't forget to go to mainstreet and get a Birthday Pin for your daughter. When you make reservations for the hotel I'd even mention then that it's for a birthday. You can suprise your daughter with personalized Mickey ears in the room if you want.

  2. It scares me that I've made the same bday plans as the kid for a recent bday.

  3. So many tags for this post.

    And now I'm off to go book my own Disneyland Vacation!!

  4. Don't start pimping the Nest baby shop until the Bean's pretty little face is up in all its glory!

  5. Oh fun (for a 13-yr-old kid)! Happy seven-month-day to the bean!

  6. I spy messy food face pics.

    I thought we discussed this.

  7. the bean cracks me up.

    the kid's b-day plans sound fabulous.

    i'm giggling at the "squirrel stockpiling nuts" comment. that's just funny, dude.

  8. I did exactly that for my 13th birthday!!! Woohoo! It was so much fun. You're a rad mama...

    Happy monthaversary, bean!

    Looks like you've got a lot of fun stuff planned the next couple of weeks. Take lots of pictures! (duh, as if you won't).

  9. Woo hoo! Lots of fun things coming up to look forward to!

  10. Aw man, what a life! Sounds like mine though, have fun!

  11. Holy crap that's a lot going on! Sounds like so much fun though. Weee!

  12. i love the bean back.

    ha! like i'm a sweet potato. potato, maybe.

  13. I love EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of the bean pics! :)


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