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Thursday, May 15, 2008

hell hath no fury

like a mother whose child has been wronged.

i know you're reading this. oh, yes. if not you, then someone you're close to. i just know it. and while i've stated that i'm done with it, my mother is most certainly not.

she thinks of your dirty deeds day and night.
until the day you (or she) dies, she will continue to do so, and probably even after that.
your continued denial and weak claim of "i don't remember" is only fueling her fire.
the apology you offered is half-assed and empty.
a peaceful existence is not a right. it is a privilege. and you have not earned yours.
on the outside, you may be perfectly fine. but inside, you know what you did.
the rift that now exists in our family rests not on our shoulders, but on yours.
your complacence is not unnoticed. not by a long shot.
the truth may have set you free at one time, but i'd say that you've passed that point now.

i pity you.


  1. same here. but you already more than knew that. {hugs}

  2. I'm not sure what this was about...but I'm with you!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Amen!

    Email me when you have a chance...

    [I had to delete my previous comment, there was a typo!]

  5. You know I'm here for whatever you need. Looks like your corner is getting pretty crowded. ;) Just the way I like it. :)

  6. Sweetie, don't know what this is about, but hugs to you.

  7. I'm in your corner too. Can I be the one that smears the vaseline all over your face? jk. xoxo


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