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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"happy cinco de mayo!"

yeah, yeah, i know - i'm a day late. but we DID manage to celebrate cinco de mayo in the wan house last night, in our own special way.

and, of course, that means we ate mexican food.

i'd bought some marinated pollo asado at trader joe's last week and served it up with warm flour tortillas and salsa, with mexican rice, cheese, and sour cream on the side.

"where are the veggies?" asked the hub.

[thinking fast]

"oh! there's tomatoes in the rice!" i answered. and then i gave him a big ass cheesy grin, as he rolled his eyes and sat his ass down at the table.

i'd remembered, just before he came home, that i had that tres leches cake mix in the cupboard, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to bust it out. and what better time to make tres leches than cinco de mayo? uh-huh! i couldn't think of one, either! and so i took it out and perused the directions.

holy shit, it took four eggs. and three and a half cups of milk! in a single-layer, 9-inch round cake! this was going to be one eggy, *choke* moist cake. but i plugged on anyway. there went my idea of french toast for the kid's breakfast the next morning. oops.

i'd taken a few pictures of the cake as i poked holes in it with a wooden spoon (per the directions on the box), but the hub took the camera to work this morning and i didn't have the chance to download them before he left. oh, well.

and i even had time to make some fresh baby food for the bean. after i baked the ribs for dinner with the grandmothers the day before, i popped a butternut squash into the oven and roasted it while we ate. so as i put the cake into the oven, i pulled out my shiny new baby food mill and pureed that squash right up. and it was so easy and fun, i can't wait to make more! i poured some into my cute little baby cubes, stuck them in the freezer, portioned some out for the bean to have for dinner, and put the rest into an empty baby food jar i'd saved just for this purpose.

i was totally grinning at my handiwork, standing there at the open freezer, when the hub walked by and started cracking up. "you're SO proud of yourself, aren't you?"

well, yeah, i was!

"shut up, it's organic, butthead," i snarled as i closed the freezer door.

and while we ate our festive dinner, the hub gave the kid a brief overview of why cinco de mayo is celebrated. the kid caught my eye and we giggled silently as the hub droned on.

after the kid was in bed and the hub had managed to put the sleeping bean down (who's teething, by the way. yes, my little itty-bitty baby is finally cutting her first tooth. and i'm bummed because she's just growing up so freaking fast), i sliced up some of that tres leches cake.

and it was yucky :(

thank goodness it's trash day today.


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the boxed mix. I was tempted to try it, as I love tres leches cake.

  2. sorry, but i called it in my head when i read you bought that. boo.

    now i really want a slice of good tres leches cake.

  3. Yeah, I wasn't very optimistic for it's turn out either. At least you had a good dinner

  4. I love that pollo asada from TJs - so good!

    Sorry about the box cake mix! But you're a pro. You make oreo truffles. You could make your own homemade! Let me know if you want a recipe.

  5. Tres Leches can either go very well or very wrong. Sorry you had the latter yesterday. :(

    Bean's getting teeth?!? Where does the time go?

  6. Sorry about the tres leches. Hey, at least you attempted to make it. I'm not a big fan of it. bleh! The most I did to celebrate Cinco de Mayo was go to Baja Fresh for lunch yesterday.

  7. sorry about the cake :( even when it's good, it's still not my favorite though. bleh.

    and i'm impressed at you making homemade baby food! that is awesome :)

  8. I was thinking of making the same thing for dinner last night!

    We made pizza instead.

    And to be honest, that tres leches cake looked a bit skeevy. Sorry it didn't work out!

  9. Aww, sad that the cake wasn't good . . . and the kid didn't get French toast for breakfast.

    Seriously, I don't know a single mom who makes French toast for breakfast on a weekday. You are my hero.

  10. Is feeding your baby organic, homemade baby food going to be the norm? Sigh...whatever happened to the days of feeding children chemicals and preservatives? What's a proper diet without these things? I fear for the future of America.

  11. TJ's Pollo asada is so great. That cake soumds good too, sorry it made you sick but maybe mext time dom't eat 8 slices? Just sayim...

  12. I'm Mexican and i HATE tres leches cake.


    So please know it wasn't your baking skills. The cake just sucks.


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