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Friday, May 2, 2008

let's go to the movies!

i actually hopped on the "sex and the city" bandwagon really, really late - like, when they started coming out with the episodes on dvd. and why? well, because although i have no qualms about spending $200 on a great pair of jeans, or maybe a great handbag, or even a fabulous dress, i'm far too cheap to spend the money on hbo. haha!

but once i started watching those dvds, i was hooked. sure, i was five years behind everyone else, and i'd heard lots of the lines and catchphrases via friends and my addiction to celebrity gossip magazines, but for me it was all new and hilariously, girlishly (is that a word? well, it is now) fun.

and so of course, by the time i was fully immersed in SATC mania, the newest hype was the final season. ever on the late train, i am.
so i'm pretty excited to see the movie version of the show, coming out at the end of may. i think i even want to see it enough to leave the bean with my mom or the ILs for a few hours! of course, i say this thinking that the hub (who actually DID catch a few episodes of the show at the height of its popularity) will want to go with me. we'll see. maybe it'll make for a great girls' night out, instead.

however, i AM 99.9% positive that he'll be willing to take me to see the other movie i'm excited to see - "indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull"! whee!

i was a HUGE indiana jones fan. although, in my typical bass-ackwards way, i watched them out of order. i was only 10 when the first movie of the series came out, and that shit looked scary. but three years later, when "indiana jones and the temple of doom" came out, i was ready. and i thought harrison ford was hot. mm-hmmm, honey. i loved that movie so much, i wanted to see it again and again.

i also enjoyed the third (and what i thought was the final) movie, "indiana jones and the last crusade" and i was totally stoked to hear that harrison ford had decided that it was time to make another installment in the series. yay for me! and, as the hub observed, he looks great in the trailer that we've seen. may 22nd won't come soon enough for me.

in the meantime, i'll settle for riding the indiana jones ride at disneyland in the next couple of weeks. yee-haw! that's one of my very favorite rides, ever. well, and i love disneyland anyway, you know that. another awesome benefit of having a mini-me (or two) is trips to disneyland. ha!

as if i needed an excuse.


  1. I didn't (and still don't) have cable so I didn't catch SATC until the DVDs came out too! I'm so excited about the movie :)

  2. Ditto on no HBO. I liked sitting there and watching the entire season instead of waiting for each episode each week.

    I lost my sunglasses on Indiana Jones. Please let me know if you spot them. ;)

  3. I was a SATC fan from the beginning but I mooched off other's HBO. In high school, I used to go to Brad's Dad's office to watch. I used to sit in one of the dental charis, recline and watch my SATC :)

    So excited for Indiana Jones.

  4. ditto on HBO. i watched it on DVD with girlfriends in college...a bunch at once. more fun that way.

    too bad i do actually have HBO now (the landlord pays for it).

  5. I literally started jumping around the room dancing when the preview for Indiana Jones came on. I might even drag DH to opening night. SO EXCITED!

  6. I can't wait for Indy! We plan on seeing it at the AMC in Downtown Disney and then go ride the ride. They are evening starting a new show in Adventureland. Where? I don't know because that space is tight as is.

  7. I was a huge SATC fan and love Indiana Jones! Lots of good movies coming out!

  8. I loved Indiana Jones when I was younger. I wonder if this latest movie will have the same appeal to me. Doesn't matter I'll see it soon enough and find out. :)

    As for SATC, I caught a few eps during it's run and liked them. But I was poor, single mother and that = no HBO for me either. I fell off the wagon and out of the loop.

  9. I do believe that I am the only woman on the planet who doesn't love Sex and the City.

  10. Go read my blog. Now.

    I knew I <3'd you for a reason. =)

  11. i'm excited about the new indy movie, too! SATC, on the other hand, i never got in to. ah well.

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