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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

stop it! stop growing up so damn fast!

i'm a little sad.

time is flying by and my babies are growing up too stinking fast for my liking.

in 4 days, the kid will officially be a teenager. she's gone from this:

to this (yes, it's another version of the science experiment picture from the other night):


and the bean is sporting the beginnings of not just one, but two little sharp teeth.

i wish i could just stop time from tick, tick, ticking away. at least for a little while.


  1. time does fly. that seems to be a common blog theme lately...
    when i was little, my mom would tell me not to grow up and become an adult. of course, this was all i wanted. now that i'm sort of grown up, i tell her my troubles and she says, "see? i told you not to grow up!"

  2. :( you're doing such a good job with them woman. they are very luck to have you as their mom :)

  3. Bean is the spitting image of Mr. Wan in that pic.

    Genetics -- amazing.

  4. Both of your kids are so cute!!

  5. Your two little girls are so adorable.

    And really, it's amazing that the bean is getting her second little tooth! She's really ahead of the curve there, isn't she? My little niece is almost one and a half and is JUST getting her first tooth (we all know she is way late, but still!).

  6. Being a mom is bittersweet, no? Your babies are growing up, but you are right there with them every step of the way and soaking up every minute of it. That's awesome.

  7. So true! Very scary how every year time goes by so quickly. Your girls are so cute!

  8. Wow, time does fly. Is she crying more now that she's got teeth coming out? I remember the hub's niece was in so much pain when she first got her teeth. Poor thing.

  9. Wow! I can see some Bean resemblance in that first pic. It's those cheeks!

  10. She's only a teenager if you let her be one. Just tell her that her's birthday's canceled and she's to remain 12 from now on. Easy peasy.

  11. random blogger stranger commenting over here...(don't ask me how I got to you, I clicked on one blog, to another blog, to another ..)

    Anyways, omg. your bean is soo cute with those lil' teeth! My girl is almost four and I'm already missing the chubby 6 month girl she used to be. :( sniff...


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