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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

worst. mom. ever.

i had a moment last night that made me feel so horrible, i'm surprised i didn't start crying.

so i've mentioned that the bean's first two teeth are coming in - you can actually SEE them now! they're so cute, and it's so funny when she smiles and you can see those little pearly whites peeking up through those gums.

anyway, the day i'd been dreading finally came - yesterday. well, i guess it was actually ONE of the days i'm dreading - when she starts crawling, walking, learns how to say "no," figures out that she doesn't need me to get shit done, etc.

she was nursing and those adorable little teeth clamped down on me so hard, i yelped. and the little shit CACKLED! haha! little booger. anyway, i pulled away as quickly as i could without losing...parts...and just said "no. no biting."

she just grinned that sweet little smile at me and we went on with our day.

but then later that evening, it was mealtime again and she bit down again - even harder than the first time. i didn't just yelp, i screamed. and she was so startled and scared, her little face crumpled up and she started crying.

and i felt like the biggest piece of shit that ever walked the face of the earth.

we continued with the nursing and she did it a couple more times, and when i yelped, she cried. i kept telling her "no. no biting. that hurts." i don't know how much you can reason with a 7.5-month-old, but i was sure trying. i hope it sinks in so i don't have to resort to pumping and giving her a bottle.

[still feeling like crap for making my baby cry]


  1. The same thing happened with my mom and my little brother. She had to give up because the biting just wouldn't stop :( Does it seem like she's doing it knowingly or accidentally?

  2. I would've done more than just scream. This is why I don't have my own children. You are still a better mom than I would be, hypothetically. I hope it gets better!

  3. I am having sympathy pains! Ouch! I would have screamed, too!

  4. Awww. I think my SIL stopped after the nieces began having teeth. The bean can start eating regular food soon anyway right?

  5. you're not a bad mother. seriously. she bit you, i know it wasn't intentional, but your reaction is well within reason. and i've already told you how my CW accidently solved the problem :/

    now, i realize this was when i was older, but i bit my grandmother once when i was around 2-ish. and i broke the skin. my mom picked up my hand, lightly bit me back and said "that hurts. don't do it again." now, that sounds harsh, but once i stopped crying (more out of shock that she did it to me, she didn't even leave a mark) i never did it again.

  6. That made my nipples hurt just reading it.

    And you are NOT a bad mom. :)

  7. Yikes! That's gotta hurt bad. Don't worry about making her cry. She'll be fine!

    Hope your boobs are feeling better :)

  8. I think you'd be a bad mother if you let her think it was funny to nibble on your nips. No bueno. My pepperonis cringe in sympathy pains.

  9. I am in pain FOR YOU right now! Next time she does it you should threaten to take away the Disneyland 90 degree weather trip.

  10. You are so not a bad mother. You did not hit your child for biting - you screamed because you were in pain. She wasn't crying because you were angry at her, she was crying because you scared her - and since you didn't scare her on purpose you are a fantastic mother.

  11. my pepperonis hurt at the thought, too!

  12. If YOU'RE the worst mom ever, my future kids ain't got a shot in hell.

  13. I'm so sorry woman but I totally LOL'd.

    You are NOT a bad mom! If it had been me I would have said no more BOOB for you!!

    And gone on my merry way to pumping.

    You're a GREAT mom for trying again.

    Hope you iced those. Owwwwiiiee


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