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Friday, May 30, 2008

oh, kobe.

i hooted and hollered last night, with just the bean and the molly looking on, as the lakers kicked it into high gear during the second half of last night's playoff game. and i clapped with glee as i watched this:

go muthafuckin' lakers, GO! i love my lakers. funny to imagine that last year, there was so much uproar over kobe and all his shit-talking. simma down, playa, and just do what you do best.

and he has been, yes? and then comes this.


you gonna fix that with another $4 million ring, dude?


  1. I love the Lakers, but I've never liked Kobe. I have these little Laker bears -- Magic, Kareem, Worthy, Shaq. NO KOBE.

  2. I love the tags on this post. And once a playa, always a playa . . . at least he has the dough to buy his wife another ring.

  3. I was watching last night without the hub too.

    Kobe sure does like 'em young!

    ps-Perez made the same comment re: the ring :)

  4. Ditto WeeMo...I'm not a fan of the egos

  5. I was happy about the game last night too. Not a Kobe fan and not surprised at the allegations. Even if he didn't do it, he's a target fo' sho'.

  6. i'm on the exact same page as weemo. the bear and i are both not fans and never have been. i have the shaq beanie bear. no kobe.

    i prefer kobe beef, any day. and not like THAT. :P

  7. alright, i'll buck the trend that's going in the comments and say i LOVE kobe. i LOVE the ego. he is freaking insane on the court and quite frankly, entitled to have the kind of attitude he carries around.

    now, in terms of the cheating thing, well, i don't agree with it, but lord knows he isn't the only professional athlete to cheat on his wife. and he won't be the last.

    go lakers!!!

  8. Did you read that letter The Dirty's attorneys sent to Kobe's attorneys? Heaven. Pure heaven.


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