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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

bean's 9 months! whee!

i forgot to post the bean's 9-monthday yesterday! hand me that bad mom award. just do it. i can take it.

anyway, i attempted to take the official commemorative portrait for the occasion, but it was a little difficult to accomplish alone. she snatched up that sign and set to work crumpling it up right away. i managed to wrestle it out of her hands before she could stuff it in her mouth and make papier-mâché out of it, though. just barely.

i enlisted the teen's help later on. you can see how successful we were. heh.

and lastly, these are just funny. she was playing with her daddy and making lots of silly faces. i especially dig the crazy flying hair.

time is going by just too, too fast. next thing i know, we'll be planning that oh-so-important first birthday party. i wonder if i can find an organic birthday cake for her to smash her hands in.


  1. Each picture is cuter than the next.

    I love how Miss Burger King breakfast worries about her daughter's cake being organic :)

  2. Such a cutie! So sad she's starting to grow into a toddler face

  3. shit, shit, shit, that means the man is 11 months old! shit, shit, shit!!!

    she's so damn cute

  4. I love how Miss Burger King breakfast worries about her daughter's cake being organic :)

    It's funny 'cuz it's true! :P

  5. Well, you can sort of tell what the sign says . . . :)

  6. 9 months?! Where does the time go?

  7. i think mani's (but all the way in LA proper) cakes are all organic. and they're delish.

    i'll but out organic flour and strawberries and bake her some cupcakes?

    boss' baby came into the office and did that to some of my work docs once. i was so not happy. the bean is much cuter doing it (to non work docs), though.

  8. i second mani's. i'd even offer to pick it up for you seeing as how they're across the street from us... except we're moving :/

  9. Ahhh! So cute! Happy monthaversary, bean!


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