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Saturday, July 5, 2008

is my mac on crack?

or are all of my pictures from the last few days pixelated for you too, as they are for the monkey? i've been uploading to flickr, but perhaps i need to change my ways.

let a sista know, please.


  1. Flickr is not the problem! It's the way you embed (or don't, as the case may be)!

  2. i know, monkey. i'm just wondering if others are seeing what you are, that's all.

  3. They are a little fuzzy or something when I look at the blog, but once I click on the actual photo and look at it they look fine.

  4. yep, pixelated. if you just paste the location in and don't adjust the size of the mini size you use on the page, it'll get pixelated. instead of actually putting a scaled-down version of the photo on your page, it just resizes the OG down to the size you specified without actually resizing the image, hence the pixelation. ok, i'm doing a crappy job of explaining. it'd be quick to show you if were right thurr.

  5. I didn't notice, but that's not surprising.


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