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Thursday, July 10, 2008

"it's not just tv. it's birth control."

confession: i'm hooked on "the baby borrowers."

yeah, it's totally crappy reality tv, but it's entertaining as all hell. take 5 teenage couples who luuuuuuuurve each other foh-evah and want to have a family together, and toss 'em right in the middle of grown-up life. they get a fully furnished house on their own cul-de-sac (i DID say it was reality tv, right?) and then are given "loaner kids" starting from babies all the way through teenagers. one half of the couple gets to work a regular job, the other gets to stay at home with the kid. and then the last part of the experiment involves caring for an elderly "family member."

what amazes me most are the parents of the "loaners." because although the couples are shadowed 24/7 by a professional nanny, and there are cameras throughout the house with the parents watching from the next street over or some shit, um - no way in hell. no fucking way, even. i get that they're trying to help these teens figure out if they're cut out for a family or not, but the bottom line is that they're leaving their precious little offspring in the hands of these immature ass children who can't even communicate with each other.

birth control, indeed.

i mean, really - could you see me even contemplating lending this out to some kids?

disclaimer: this could very well be 30 seconds of your life that you'll want back, so consider yourself warned.

i've already got my
directv tuner all set to switch over to the repeat of "the baby borrowers" when it's on WE later today. heh.


  1. i don't think i can watch that show. that is all.

  2. I am so hooked too! I wouldn't even let these kids supervise my dogs.

  3. jim watched one of the promos and said to me, horrified "who are these parents that give up their kids for this show?!"

    yeah. i think they need their heads checked.

  4. your baby is so adorable. i'll take her anytime! but i'd venture to say i'm more responsible than some scary teen.

  5. I'm interested in the show, but I can't keep track of these new shows and when they're on. I'm such an old lady sometimes.

  6. I admit it - I watched them in reruns. As they were introducing the parents of the loaner babies, Brent said, "And here are the parents who hate their kids..."

    I was glad to see that the parents oversaw the entire thing, along with nannies, but still. No way. No how.

  7. I have pondered this same question. I think the premise of the show is entertaining but who in the hell gives up their baby for these nibble nuts to take care of? It can't pay that well.

  8. My mom told me about the show. I saw the previews and I'm not so sure I could watch it.

    Love your blog by the way....and your bean and teen are WAY too cute :)

  9. I can't watch this show for the reason that it might make ME never want to have kids.

  10. I like the concept. A lot. But I haven't watched any of it though.

    I liked my 30 seconds of bean watching more.

  11. I can't imagine watching someone else's kid, knowing that the parents are watching me.


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