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Friday, July 18, 2008

when two forces collide

the teen, the bean and i ran errands yesterday. all. freaking. day. long.

we headed out towards old town pasadena for the first stop - paper source. i have two invitation orders to fulfill, and i want to get them both done before we leave for paradise next week.
but first, we stopped at starbucks for some caffeine. and as we walked in, the teen remembered that our new friend mindy told us that starbucks and pinkberry collaborated on a new smoothie-drink-thingy that had just been released. and sure enough, there it was.

cold. creamy. pinkberry-y. oh, it's lovely. maybe a little pricey ($4 for a 10-ounce cup), but when you want the tart goodness right NOW, this drinkable version is a lovely option. at least till our local store opens. yay!

we sipped and mmmmm'ed as i scooped up all the required goods from paper source, and then we stopped in at a few other shops to browse before we were lured into the brand spankin' new juicy couture store. i'd been avoiding this place during previous visits to old town, but i knew the teen wanted to check it out, so in we went.

i loved this cute little pink satin purse. this thing was heavy! the handle of it is like a seat belt, complete with buckle. it was on sale, but the last thing i need right now is another new bag, so i settled for petting it, taking a picture, and moving on.

we left with a trail of drool behind us over all the cute clothes we'd seen, but not completely empty-handed. we picked up a little roll-on vial of their new fragrance, "viva la juicy." it's different from the original juicy scent, and we like it. now we're gonna smell the same. great.

as we walked out of there, we spied the line at the
apple store across the street. i'm amused every time we pass a different apple store and see this.

the rest of the day wasn't interesting enough to photograph: michael's, lunch at yoshinoya, verizon store to replace my piece o'shit phone that had just been replaced two weeks ago, best buy to replace the piece o'shit broken GPS that i'd given the hub for father's day that had just been replaced last week (we've got really great luck with electronics these days), on to a different verizon store because the first one was out of my phone, a $100 gas tank fill-up, on to another best buy store because the first one was out of the GPS we wanted, and then finally to a scrapbook store for more invitation supplies. yikes.

we'd left the house at 10, and didn't pull into our driveway till 5. it was literally a full day of crap.

i fed the bean some dinner, put on a swim diaper, changed into a bathing suit, and the three of us settled into the hot tub to relax and unwind. it was a lovely way to end our busy day.

an hour later, the bean had been bathed, the teen had been fed, and they were both on the couch, knocked the fuck out.

gotta love it.


  1. i'm tired just reading about that. all the in and out of parking lots and cars in the heat...ugh. WITH baby and kid in tow? [collapsing]. yay for getting little crap things checked off the list!

  2. i need to try that new starbucks drink!

    i'd like to pass out right about now. just sayin'.

  3. Errand day can be exhausting! How many calories is that new drink? Sounds interesting.

  4. *sigh* Juicy. My love. It takes a lot of strength for me to avoid that store for fear I will spend a mint.

  5. Errand days knock me the f out too :)

  6. What happens when a swim diaper is soiled? :/

  7. you just made my year with that smoothie news...they actually DO have starbucks in the middle of nowhere, USA! but then I read it's a pilot in OC/LA only? booooo!

  8. Starbucks and Pinkberry: two of my favorite things in the world. DAMMIT. I want one of those yummylicious drinks :(

  9. I am SO sad I didn't know about this when I ran into starbucks Thursday before my depo! Who knows when this will make it down to San Diego. Looks like tomorrow when we're in OC I'm going to casually suggest stopping by Starbucks.

  10. just had to say that i saw photos of you and the bean on weemo's blog and i have the dress you're wearing! our parallel lives continue.

  11. I'm tired just reading that. Sheesh!

    Weemos comment made me cackle. lol


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