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Monday, July 21, 2008

shopping, small fries, sushi, shopping

wait, did i say "shopping"? yeah. there's nothing like having a vacation to buy pretty new things for! whee!

friday the hub came home early to celebrate one of my favorite holidays: the first day of the nordstrom anniversary sale. you think i'm kidding, but this day has been circled in red on my calendar for weeks. heh.

i didn't actually find a whole lot of stuff - i picked up two dresses, a top, some tights, a cute red juicy hoodie, and some new laura mercier eye makeup. wow, when i look at that list, it sounds like a crapload, huh? let's just say that previous years have resulted in a bigger haul and leave it at that.

we also swung into macy's and picked up a cool new suitcase for the teen to share with the bean for our trip. it's by tommy bahama, and it's the only one i could get the hub to agree on that wasn't boring ass black. plus, it was half off! i dig it - it's very tropical and hawaiian-y. yay!

saturday had me up nice and early to get the bean ready for her first date with small fries, set up by her auntie monkey. if you haven't already, you can check out her recap here. i'm always reminded of what a horrible photographer i am when i compare her fabulous shots to mine, and we have the same damn camera! i've got no excuses. bleh.

we swung by and picked up auntie amber at her new casa (which is adorable, from the bit i was able to peek at through the front door - the bean was snoozing in the car), and i giggled a little at the box of pastries she brought along. i always knew we were sisters for real!

we met up with the monkey, parked the car, and we took off for tiara cafe, which i'd wanted to try for a long time. after perusing the menu, we placed an order for food to go, which we brought to the monkey's loft and chowed on while watching the babies play.

it was lots of fun watching the babies alternate between grabbing at small fries' toys (his mom was so way better prepared than the bean's crappy ass mom) and grinning at each other. the bean is quite the flirt - she kept touching poor small fries on his head, grabbing at his hand, squeezing his tushie.

a fun time was had by all, and we even managed to grab some pinkberry-esque yogurt before parting ways. oh! it was delicious. i want some right now.

when we got home, the hub was enjoying a cigar and reading a magazine in the front yard. he was hungry, and although i'd plowed through my lunch AND the yogurt, i was too. sheesh. so off we went, and as we often do, we ended up in old town pasadena.

after grabbing some yummy eats at sushi roku, we wandered through a few stores and ended up at the juicy couture store. the hub picked out some adorable tops for the bean off of the sale rack, while i wandered around the grown-up sale selections. and of course, i managed to find some cute stuff to try on.

after being inspired by FGD and the monkey's fabulous coats last winter, i tried this one on.

a sweet little beach coverup that was a bit lower cut in front than i originally thought, but i took the picture anyway.

i loved this maxi dress. it was light and airy, and - dare i say it? - it was even more comfy than my beloved gypsy05 maxi dresses.

i liked this chair. it says "for nice girls who like stuff." that is me, yes?

i ended up with all of it, plus a couple of things for the bean AND two cute little terry beach cover-ups for the teen. she's going to be so excited when she sees them - i think i'll just pack them in her suitcase and let her find them when we get to paradise. whee!

speaking of the teen, BFF's mom and i told them about BFF joining us on our trip last week. she'd spent the night at our house after the concerts, and when her mom came to pick her up after the final show, we decided to tell them. it was fun watching their jaws literally fall open as the words sunk into their brains, and the teen threw her arms around BFF in jubilation. they were SO excited, and i knew they would totally be counting down the hours.

we picked up a few things at barnes & noble, and then i got another pinkberry sorbetto from the starbucks next door. those things are so delicious. i shared it with the bean as we walked through restoration hardware and a few other shops.

babyfest at the monkey's loft, sushi dinner, pinkberry through a straw and a bag full of fun new juicy couture stuff. i'd say it was quite a lovely saturday. and the weekend wasn't even over yet!


  1. that portrait of small fries is cute. please adopt me and randomly shop for me.

  2. That Juicy maxi dress is soooooooo cute!!!!!

  3. saturday was so fun! thanks for picking me up and letting me hang out with you gals :)

    super cute stuff! you more than deserve it! :)

  4. Awesome Saturday. You got some cute stuff!I could use a shopping spree and a vacation right about now =)

  5. I made the hubs stop at Starbucks on Sunday - JUST because of you. I am totally a fan of the citrus sorbetto and only hope they make it down to SD in a quicker fashion than pinkberry did.

  6. Wow. Small Fries gives Bean a run for her money in the cheeks dept. So cute!

    Man, reading stuff like this makes me wish I had a for real BFF growing up that I could travel with. So cool.

  7. The photos are cute! Small Fries looked so serious hehe.


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