Wednesday, July 2, 2008


getcher mind outta the gutter. i'm talking about making southern sweet tea here, folks.

ever since guzzling it down like there's no tomorrow at famous dave's a few weeks ago, i've been craving southern sweet tea like mad. well, i live in california. southern sweet tea isn't exactly easy to come by around here. so of course, i hit up my friend google for a recipe. yes, it should be fairly easy, but i'm not usually an iced tea drinker. i figured there must be a secret ingredient in the stuff that was attracting me to it like a moth to a flame.

and i found it - you make a simple syrup by boiling sugar and water, and then kind of a tea "concentrate" to add to it. the recipe i followed is here.

i put the teen to work, stirring the syrup as it boiled down, and handed the bean a bunch of plastic bowls to play with.

i tied the tea bags to a wooden spoon and dunked them into boiling water.

then, i added some of the syrup to the tea concentrate, mixed it in a pitcher with more water, and bottled up the leftovers to serve with the tea.

holy crap. i just realized what a lame ass post this is. wow. it's an exciting day here in the wan house, y'all (southern sweet tea, remember?).

ah, fuck it. [hitting "publish post"]


  1. I love that you made Southern Sweet Tea. What I want to know is, how does it taste?

  2. I'm totally jealous. I actually make the hubs take me to barbeque joints JUST so I can have sweet tea (what's with the Southern? Is there any other kind of sweet tea? Or am I starting to show my roots...)

  3. I always just add sugar to tea to make it sweet. ;)

  4. I was wondering too how it tasted. I can tell the teen really enjoyed stirring ;)

  5. the teen looks SO thrilled to be your sous chef. i like bitter tea, so i think i might like it before the addition of the simple syrup. hmm.

    there's a bottle brand they sell at whole foods. i forget the name, but i think it has a cartoon grandma on it. something something sweet tea. i know, i'm so helpful.

  6. So, how did it taste? Being Southern myself, we have sweet tea everywhere, and everyone knows how to make it (never heard of making a syrup though...that makes things complicated!), I'm curious how it turned out flavor wise.


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