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Sunday, July 6, 2008

this and that, 2.0

all sorts of little tidbits that don't merit a full post, but when put together, make for a cute little bundle of fun. like a jelly roll. or something. okay, let's go:

the sweet tea was delish. maybe a little on the weak side, but now i know to leave the tea bags (heh. the 4th grade boy in me giggles EVERY time) in a little longer. the simple syrup is key - for some reason, boiling sugar and water till it's slightly thickened makes tea taste so way better than just dumping plain ol' sugar in there. i don't know why shit always has to be so damn complicated.

i also found the organic sweet tea that tater mentioned in her comment for that post - i giggled a little when i saw the cartoon of the grandma. and it was yummy - an organic arnold palmer.

i haven't fixed the
flickr html/url issue yet. i thought i was fairly computer literate, but clearly i'm not. and i'm being lazy right now. hold please.

fiberwig mascara is pretty neat-o (the teen always smirks when i say that out loud). although i was hoping for thickness vs. length (my lashes are actually a decent length, but are a little thin), i'm digging this product. it's a little alarming when i use my trusty neutrogena make-up remover wipes at night and find a shitload of little fibers on it, but it's cool. my favorite is still cover girl's cheap-o lash blast (the one in the orange tube with the crazy brush), though.

after receiving an invitation to LFM's first birthday party, i've fast-forwarded a bit and started thinking about planning a shindig of our own, for the bean. october first is coming up mighty quick, and it'll be here before we know it. i'm strongly considering booking the room at the
santa monica pier's historic carousel. they do kids' birthday parties there, and can you imagine how cool the pictures would be? not to mention, maybe i'll drop the organic cake idea in favor of some treats from vanilla bake shop. which, of course, means that i'd have to head out there for a taste test. right? right??

i seem to be experiencing some form of tendonitis or some shit. my right arm is all fucked up, with major pain in my elbow. the weird thing is that i've done
nothing out of the ordinary, and it isn't constant - i only feel it when i bend at the elbow or do simple tasks like, oh, brushing my teeth. and putting the car seat in when the bean's all strapped in it is pure hell. this sucks. the teen's on my ass to see a doctor, and i guess she's right, but man, do i hate going to the doc's. ugh.

our streak of horrific service has been rewarded by a totally unexpected e-mail from the general manager at the
belamar hotel, where we stayed last weekend. i'd completed an online survey about our stay, during which i pretty much skewered 'em for their complete lack of service and professionalism. i'd totally forgotten about it until i checked my in-box last night and found the e-mail, which thanked me for my "honest feedback." heh. and then the kicker: "I have taken the liberty to have our accounting department adjust the room and tax charges and credit back your credit card for your stay. I hope you give us another chance, but understand if you don’t considering your last stay."

wow. i was quite surprised, and the hub was all "dude, what the hell did you SAY??" ha! anyway, i e-mailed him back to thank him, and it makes me think that perhaps we might stay there again after all, if we ever need to. i'd already written the place off for future visits.

we're t-minus 6 days to the
jonas brothers weekend extravaganza. i managed to sell our extra ticket for saturday and got one of my cousins to come with us to the sunday show, which leaves us with one more ticket to get rid of (for monday). i put it up on ebay, but if it doesn't sell, i'm fucked. and of course, it's the highest-priced ticket of the three.

oh, and, um...we're going to hawaii! woo-hoo! i've been pushing for it with the hub for weeks, and i finally broke him. whee! we're going for a little over a week and staying at the
hilton hawaiian village on o'ahu. i'm so stinking excited, i can hardly stand it. i know it's a total tourist trap, staying in waikiki and in a big ass, hawaiian-cliche'd resort, but i don't care. it's going to be fun as hell, and i'm looking forward to finally rockin' my new juicy swimsuit. now i just have to find my cute juicy hat from last summer, and i'm all set for the beach!

mm-kay. i think i'm all caught up on stuff now.


  1. Since you'll be staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, beware of the renovated lagoon. Sand is not natural (kind of feels like kitty litter) and it SMELLS even if they say they the water is cycled out several times/day.

  2. 1. yay for the g-ma's sweet tea! last i had it, it was still in a glass bottle. ah well.

    2. YES, you must taste test at vanilla bakeshop. try the ice box treat shots and macaroons, too. don't just eat the cupcakes.

    3. go see a dr.

    4. t-6 days to my bday is more exciting sounding than jonas bros. extravaganza. to me at least. not to the teen, i'm sure.

    5. yay for hawaii!

  3. Yay for Hawaii (waving)! That's wonderful! When are you going?

  4. I lurk your page religiously.LOVE IT. We stay at the Hilton Hawaiian village every year. We soo love it! Make sure to eat breakfast at the crap diner across the street. Looks so ghetto, but is yummy! Alo, listen to Kirsten, STAY OUT OF THE LAGOON! Yucky!

  5. I think the inlaws may have blown our Hawaiian vacation this year...maybe I'll sneak in with my folks!

  6. Yay for Hawaii!! *waiting for Bean to clap*

    Go see a doctor. Thanks.

  7. Go see a doctor :-P

    Totally jealous here . . . we've been talking about going to Hawaii forever.

  8. ditto the others -- go see a dr.

    so jealousE of the hawaii trip. but, i'm sure you already knew that. touristy or not, hawaii is the bomb.

  9. I <3 that sweet tea, too! I also only had it as in a glass bottle and this was within the last month. Hmmm...

    Jonas Brothers. My little sis (9) has a crush on Joe Jonas. I thought of you and the teen.

    jealousE of your Hawaii trip!


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