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Saturday, July 12, 2008

surprises are fun

even when they're not for me ;)

the teen is gonna FLIP. i just booked BFF on our flight to hawaii in two weeks. and neither of them knows. whee!

i talked to BFF's mom this morning to see if they might possibly allow us to scoop her up and take her to paradise for a week, and she was so excited at the idea of surprising them both with it. the hub and i were talking last night and knew that the teen would have oodles of fun (yes, i said "oodles") if she had her buddy on the trip, so all we needed was permission to do it.

and wouldn't you know, her airfare is actually cheaper than ours by $50! dang.

but it's done. i don't know how long we're all going to keep it a secret, but i'm thinking perhaps we'll spring it on 'em sometime this week, while the teen's home with us. man alive, they're going to be so. freaking. stoked.

oh, and i called the venues for the jo bros concerts, and was told that non-pro cameras are fine. yay! and to answer sarah's question, the teen's sign says "i'm right here, not in australia" because one of their songs talks about finding their dream girl(s) in the land down under. she ran out room, so it just LOOKS like it says "austria." muahahahahahaha!


  1. Very cool.

    They are going to have so much fun in the pineapple maze together. ;)

  2. 1) Any chance of you adopting a twentysomething? I'm available.

    2) The teen cracks me up. Love the thought behind the poster!

  3. That's really great. At her age, it will make the vacay just awesome to have a friend there. Plus, it will put you and the hub off of entertainment duty.

  4. you really are the world's coolest mom. you can adopt me too if you need a thirty-something in your litter.

  5. I hope that I remember to be as considerate of my children as you are if I ever have them. Two thumbs up.

    I will battle Trish for the 20-something spot.

  6. again, cool mom award a hundred times over. i am sure they'll have a totally fab time together.

  7. I do chores . . . if you choose to adopt me :)

  8. Seriously, you are such a great mom!

  9. Man, I wish I was teen's BFF right now. Need a baby sitter for the trip?? ;)

  10. dude. i would have flipped to be in hawaii at that age, much less with my bff!

  11. So rad! Seriously, you are so mom material of the year! The hubbs get some points for this one too :)


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