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Friday, July 11, 2008

t-minus 35-ish hours

well, it's here. the teen has been giving me a daily countdown via IM, and i can FEEL her excitement through the screen.

the jonas brothers concert weekend extravaganza begins tomorrow.

and because i'm a dork, i've been listening to their CD in the car all week (okay, well, maybe a little longer than that) so that i'll actually know the songs this time around. heh. and i even had a freaking DREAM about the jo-bros the other night. good god.

however, i do draw the line somewhere. you won't find me feverishly working on decorating a t-shirt with puffy fabric paint and glitter tonight. well, at least, not for me.

i'm thinking the recaps of these shows (saturday, sunday, AND monday, mm-hmmm) are going to be fanfuckingtastic. although so far, everything i've read says "no cameras," so i'm a little bummed. apparently, they're going to be filming the sunday/monday shows for a concert movie they're putting together. i'll call the venue to be sure, but if so, i hope i can bring my phone, at least.

because, after all, how good could a recap be without pictures? really!


  1. Does her sign say Austria? I don't get it?

  2. Love the teen's sign :) I'm sure Nick'll love it too.

    I once snuck in a disposable camera by sticking it in my sock. You won't need the flash, and if they catch you with it you can just throw it away.

  3. Yeah, Hollywood Bowl said no pictures too but people had them all over. So sad I followed the rules. :(

  4. you listening to their music by choice frightens me ;)


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