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Thursday, July 3, 2008

holy shitballs, i'm freaking old.

i got an e-mail this week from an old friend - we met back in the seventh grade, upgraded to BFF status the following year, and we still keep in touch. i went to her wedding, she came to our local reception, we've attended each other's baby showers. she's pretty much my only link to high school (i have a second cousin who was in the same class as me, but he hates me, so...yeah) and it's fun to hear from her.

but this e-mail was quite an eye-opener - in a funny, freak-out-y, no-fucking-way kinda way. and why?

well, it was titled "HS 20 year reunion."

TWENTY FUCKING YEARS? has it really been an entire decade since our 10-year reunion? i still think of that party as one of the most fun evenings ever, even though most folks reverted back to old ways and gathered in groups made up of the same cliques from way back when. but i can't believe it's already been ten freaking years since then. good lawd hammercy.

i was part of the committee for that first gathering, and so of course i volunteered to help out with this reunion, too - and the funniest part is that i didn't even actually graduate from that high school. we moved in the middle of my junior year (btw, if/when you have kids, don't EVER pull this on them. changing high schools is wack as hell, and talk about bitter) and i actually ended up hating my new school so much that i took the state proficiency test and got the hell outta dodge. i never had a senior year, didn't go to prom, never walked for my diploma. stillbitterashellevenafteralltheseyearsi'msuchababynevergotoveritohwell.

but i digress. i found it hilarious that most of my old friends didn't even realize that i wasn't a part of the graduating class of 1989. bwahahahahahahaha! so much for making an impression. so for me, this school and that class was all i ever really knew of high school. and lucky for me, because it didn't occur to them that i didn't walk with them, they still considered me a part of the class and therefore included me in the reunion (there was at least one other girl who went but didn't graduate from that school, so i wasn't really that special).

it'll be fun to attend the first committee meeting on tuesday at my friend's house, along with two other members of the class that i have such fond memories of.

and of course, i can't post about this topic without throwing THIS in:

hell yeah. i was hot as a mofo. oh yeah.


  1. dang, you was seeeeexy!
    i also didn't graduate with my class, but am kept in the loop for reunions because most of them have forgotten. there were 30 kids in my class -- clearly i'm forgettable.

    and yay for still having friends from that part of your life!

  2. That picture makes me snort every time.

  3. I don't know what I love more--the skirt, the hair, or the hand on your hip. Together it's magic! ;)

  4. sweet pic! :)Can't wait to read about all the reunion planning. I never went to my 10 yr.. oh, and you are so not old!

  5. The hair is fabulous. I adore that picture!

  6. still love that photo. LOVE. the bear is confused as to which reunion to go, but he wasn't invited last year. we'll see if he's invited to the class with whom he was supposed to graduate's next year.

    and yeah, i won't mention which reunion he and i have coming up next year. don't want to make you feel *too* old. ;)

  7. Oh, good loooord that hair is awesome!! Did you invest in Aqua Net stock back then? You coulda made yourself rich! :) ahahahahah

  8. you know i never get tired of that picture!

    my HS class was so lame that we didn't even have a reunion last year. like tater, i'll leave out which number it was for us ;)

  9. Dude, I love that picture so much!

  10. Haha, love the picture! Your hair was pretty tame by late 80s standards.

  11. Ditto R . . . this photo is just magic!


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