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Monday, January 24, 2011

bean doggy dog

with the girls both out of school for MLK day last week, we decided to go and stroll around the americana at brand and enjoy the warm, sunny afternoon.  the hub opted out in favor of...pretty much anything else, and we picked up jansport, the teen's boyfriend, to come and hang out with us.

after grabbing something to eat and exchanging my kate spade bag (yeah, yeah, i ended up trading it for the much cuter, unlike-any-other-bag-i-already-have silver one), we realized it was a little too warm and sunny and crossed the street to the galleria.  it's an indoor mall, and the air conditioning was lovely.

we took the bean through the disney store, which is a requirement anytime we're at any mall, and found ourselves here:

she perused the many offerings on the wall - kitties, bears, hello kitty, even a jonas brothers plush - and zeroed in on a simple little brown puppy.  sweet.

i didn't get to take any pictures of her during the stuffing process, but it was super cute.  the girl who was helping us asked her for her name to write on the tag, and was pretty surprised when the bean spelled it out for her.  

"how old is she?!?" she asked.

"three," i replied proudly.  yeah, boy.  my kid is shmart!

she got a kick out of stepping on the pedal that made the stuffing machine go, gave the little red heart a kiss before it went inside of the puppy, and trotted off to the "bathing" station while it was being sewn up.  we couldn't get her away from it - she loved giving pluto a bath, and then her puppy when it was ready.

those expressions are pretty comical.  and while the teen and jansport went off to check out the different outfits she could put on her new puppy, i eyed this:

and these:

i was super amused to see that this was on clearance:

she also liked putting her puppy in this.

the teen took care of filling out the "birth certificate" info, which was printed for us at the register.  i still laugh at the new puppy's name, chosen by the bean herself.

and then we were done.  she insisted on carrying the ginormous box herself, which was almost as big as she is.

we headed back across the street for another snack - pinkberry for the bean and crumbs cupcakes for the rest of us.  i was pretty proud of her, as she managed to eat her whole cup of yogurt - chocolate yogurt - and didn't get a single drop on her shirt.

inside, there were slim pickins for my sweet tooth.  the teen ended up choosing a cotton candy cupcake, while i opted for the fondant-topped "artie lange."

with jansport's help, we managed to polish most of it off.  you expected nothing less, i know.

it was a nice day off, spent with the kids.  gotta love holidays.


  1. Good you're making the most out of your day off.

  2. Eeeeee I still remember the day when we took niece #1 to the Build a Bear Workshop. That place is so much fun! Love that the doggy's name is Doggy. Ha!

  3. Our friend's one year old daughter insists on calling every animal "doggie!" It's absolutely hilarious to watch. Sounds like a really fun day with the girls!


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