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Thursday, January 6, 2011

my brother the label maker

so my friend quirky and i have a super old inside joke about one of our former co-workers.  i don't remember exactly how it goes, but quirky was doing some organizing at the office and needed to borrow the label machine.  ditzy was the office secretary at the time and said machine was in her jurisdiction, so quirky called her to get access to it.

i don't remember if ditzy just couldn't hear or really didn't understand what was being asked of her, but the punchline to this whole thing ended up being "what?  your brother's a label maker??" in kind of a high-pitched, shrieky voice.

okay, maybe it's not all that funny for o'yous who weren't there.  but it still makes me giggle when i think about it.  and my telling this story is actually pretty redundant to begin with, considering the label machine i just bought isn't even a brother.  oh, well.

so anyone who knows us very well knows that i am a complete slob, and the hub is my polar opposite.  my slovenly ways are the bane of his existence, and i try, but we all know how lazy i am.  anyway, he'd recently opened the door to my baking cupboard and lost his shit.  i had all of my baking paraphernalia and various ingredients and boxes and ziploc bags and little containers of sprinkles and things shoved every which way in there.  and while i knew exactly what's in there and where it all is, it looked pretty bad.

and so i decided to fix it.  i got a wild hair up my ass one morning, made a list of stuff to buy at target, bought it all after work, and dug in after picking up the teen from school.  the bean was napping, and it was the perfect time to squeeze the task in.  i actually had fun going through it all and making it look nice and neat, and so i present to you the before:

yeah, i know, pretty ugly.  but check out the after!

and now i want to label everything in the house.  we may have created a monster.


  1. love this! and all the yummy goodness in the cabinet! lol

  2. Love it!!! I'm on an organization kick. I gotta buy a Brother.

  3. So purty...I have some cabinets that look like the before and some that look like the after...need to go home and organize the snack shelf...

  4. Muwhahahahahah! I almost pee'd when she said it and I love that it is still an awesome joke to us! Did you know that my Brother joined SIOR, also known phonetically as (s eye o ra)!!

    Cabinet looks good by the way my slob-o friend :)

  5. Quirky here - the story is: ditsy secretary was told to buy a new label machine...someone told her I had a Brother machine...she interpreted that to mean that my brother worked for a labeling company..so when she asked about my brother all I could do was give her the "puzzled puppy" look. We still ask for "my brother the labeler" at the office, but sadly the people that would laugh the hardest aren't there anymore :-( Miss you guys!

  6. Side note - I am so ridiculously pleased to be referenced on your blog!


  7. awesome, now you can come over to my house!

  8. Bwahahaha I've been labeling EVERYTHING since you gave me that label maker. We're both monsters.

  9. Me with a label maker would = dangerous.


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