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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

bueller. bueller?

it's been unseasonably (and unbearably, for the wan house - we hate heat) warm the last few days.  and so we decided to head down towards the beach to take a drive and find something to do.

we found ourselves at irvine spectrum and got the girls tickets for this:

totally fun, right?  it was kind of a long process, as they unloaded and reloaded three cars at a time, filling the entire wheel, before starting the actual ride.  but it was totally worth it to see the smiles on their faces. it cracks me up to see how fearless the bean is.  that ferris wheel is ginormous!

i got bored.  hey, it took about 45 minutes before they finally got off the damn thing.

exciting life we lead, huh?  i know.


  1. I was in michigan last week - the high was 26. I'd much rather take the heat than the cold!

  2. i'm somewhat thankful you just went to irvine rather than going to sb when i wasn't going to be in town :D

  3. I love ferris wheels! I really dig the 2nd ferris wheel picture you posted, btw.


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