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Friday, January 7, 2011

kicking off 2011 with the OC girls

the first GTG of 2011 was with a super fun group of girls - my OC nesties.  i'd gotten an evite for their annual holiday gathering and was stoked to play in their white elephant gift exchange.

of course, i ran totally late and didn't have time to put together the gift i wanted to bring, so i'll just have to save it for next year.  instead, i grabbed a box of godiva chocolates that the hub had received from someone at work and wrapped it up.  heh.  so a total regift, but at least it was a good one, right?

when i got to simplyjoyness' house, most of the group was already there.  d-oh!  but it was great to see some of the girls i talk to on practically a daily basis (via twitter and facebook), but hadn't actually seen in quite a while.

and her doggy was just so cute.

we did a whole lotta eating - i was so engrossed in my plate o'yum that i completely forgot to take pictures of the grub.  there was a lot of great stuff, though - breakfast casseroles, shrimp cocktail, taco dip, and more.  i'd brought a bag full of those s'mores pops i'd done for the teen's NYE party, and they went pretty quickly.

we chatted for a while and then it was time to get down to presents.  my number fell somewhere in the middle-ish - not too early, and not too late in the game.

i managed to score a pretty good gift - i knew the teen would love it, too.

my friend 10yt had posted a picture on facebook of something i just thought was utterly, amazingly ridiculous - and totally her style.  she was totally squee-ing over it and super excited, and it was hilarious.  so when i saw a giant gift bag with something squishy inside of it, i knew she'd bought a second one to bring to the party.  with one of the last numbers, our hostess ended up unwrapping it:

10yt couldn't resist picking him up for a cuddle, even though she has one of her own at home.

and claire snuck in a hug, too.

ashley was scarily excited over her prize.

we all died with laughter when jess opened hers - at first, she was excited.  until she looked closely at it and realized that the set was for black hair.  muahahahahahaha.  not exactly a perfect match for her platinum blondeness.

simplyjoyness got her hubby to come down for about 52 seconds and take a group pic of us.  i swear, i hate my crappy little point-and-shoot.  it never takes good pictures.

yay for fun GTGs!  i love these girls.


  1. Thanks for coming! It was a lot of fun :-)

  2. WTF why I am not looking at the camera at all? It was awesome seeing you doll. great recap. hahaha.

  3. Great recap! I love how it looks like T is dong a facepalm as 10YT was snuggling with the bear, which would be a completely appropriate reaction. :)

  4. I'm so glad you came out for us J! And I love my bear, you guys missed out on being able to take him home. lol

  5. sniff, looks like you all had so much fun! I'm cackling that jess picked the black bump it. ::snicker::

  6. Oh my gosh, ssinca, I was DYING. It was awesome.

    I love this post! <3

  7. Miss the OC ladies! Sounds like a good time. :)


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