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Thursday, January 27, 2011

the cookies just keep on comin'

i'm on a roll here, folks.  i can't seem to stop making cookies!  i find that i really love the process of it more than actually eating the products.  of course, i have to try one here and there to make sure they don't taste like ass, but for the most part i get a big kick out of making vs. eating.  how strange, especially for me.

anyway, i wanted to bring something fun to my junior league meeting (along with another fun thing i need to share with you), so i turned to homemade oreos.  i could follow through with the pink & brown theme and still have something super delicious to share.

the food processor is sure turning out to be a godsend.  i no longer have to ignore recipes that call for one!

the dough was pretty crumbly when it was done, but i expected that.  i've made homemade oreos before, but with a different recipe.

as suggested in this recipe, i decided to use cookie cutters to make my oreos extra fun.

they baked up nicely, filling the house with a fabulous brownie-like aroma, although they puffed up a bit and lost their shape a little.  oh, well.

while they cooled on the rack, i whipped up the creamy filling.  it didn't come together as nicely as i wanted, so i decided to improvise and toss in a couple of spoonfuls of marshmallow creme.  and then it was perfect.

i went the easy way and stuffed it all into a ziploc bag and cut the corner off to do the filling.

MIL and the bean were happy to be my taste-testers.  and when i got their stamp of approval, i continued filling the cookies till they were all done.

pretty snazzy, eh?


  1. love it! they're very cute and I'm sure they're quite tasty.

  2. you are so darn creative! love those..so darn cute!

  3. They are adorable!!!! I want to try and make some now. Can you post the recipe pretty please?


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