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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


exactly a year ago today, i posted a list of not-resolutions.

i'm pretty excited to report that we actually managed to achieve almost all of them - the only one that wasn't met was, ahem, the "get in shape" one.  awesome.  and what have i done in the meantime?  gotten a job at a cupcake shop.  double awesome.  well, okay, i haven't been good about keeping up on blogs either, but that's because of the cupcake shop job.  agh.

anyway, to celebrate 1/11/11, i've decided to throw together another list of stuff i'd like to accomplish between now and the end of the year.  some of it is super easy to do, and a couple of items are maybe a little out there - even for me.  yeah.

  • put $25 of each paycheck into savings.  yes, yes, i realize this is a paltry amount and not exactly a major goal for most people.  but you know what?  my entire paycheck is a paltry amount.  so this is going to be a biggie.
  • transition the bean into her big-girl bed...fo' real.  we've been putting her in there most nights, but i want to get her fully moved into her own room for bedtime.  the hub thinks the remaining bit of co-sleeping we do is just as much for me as it is for her...and i guess i'm going to have to agree.  it's really sweet to cuddle up with that warm little baby girl and feel her little arms around my neck, but i know i've gotta give it up.  sad.
  • help the teen get through driver's ed, get her permit, and earn her driver's license.  she's already enrolled in an online course with rock-ell, and they're trying to prod each other to get it done.  it'll be nice to get her an official permit, so the bit of driving we already let her do won't freak me out as much.  heh.
  • keep the pri-YES clean.  this not only involves clearing out the interior and the trunk of stuff i buy/use/trash, but getting it washed on a regular basis.  once every couple of months doesn't count.  and this is one the hub will be pleased to see me stick to.
  • set a weekly cleaning schedule, and actually do it.  uh-huh.  again, the hub will be stoked to see me make an effort.  i'm such an awful housekeeper, but i know i've gotta set a good example for the girls.  despite the fact that cleaning puts me in the most foul mood that you can imagine, i'm going to need to get over it and start looking at it as, uh, fun!  yeah.  and with MIL leaving in a couple of months, i kind of have no choice anyway.  yes, my wonderful MIL currently cleans my house.  what of it?
  • learn how to use my freaking food processor.  sounds silly, right?  but i've got one of those humongous cuisinart 10-or-something-crazy-like-that-cup ones with a bunch of different attachments, and i've never even used the damn thing.  it was a wedding gift, so it's five years old!  and with all the cooking/baking i do, it's super lame that i don't bust it out regularly.
  • train for and run a half-marathon, hopefully with the teen.  i mentioned it before, i think, and i still haven't done jack to prep for it, but it's something i'd really like to cross off the list before my birthday.  we'll see if it happens.  i suppose we can just roll this into the un-checked goal from last year, too.
  • cook more meals at home and eat less fast food crap.  sure, i say this all the time.  but i really should cut down on the junk i eat and try to make more healthy, nutritious meals at home for all of us.  we could use it, and it's already a fact that i love to cook anyway.  no reason why i shouldn't make good use of that enjoyment.
  • reignite operation downsize.  obviously, not to the extent that we did back in '09, but hey - we've got a mortgage to pay for now.  all of the runs to michael's and joann's and target - they've gotta either stop or cut down to the bare minimum.  i did it before, i know i can do it again.  right?
so, there's my list for 2011.  how about you?  what do you want to achieve before we watch the ball drop onto 2012?


  1. that is a wonderful list! amongst other things some fun stuff i have on my list are: take a cake decorating class, learn to cook paella from scratch, plant and maintain and not kill an herb garden. :)

  2. those are some pretty awesome goals.

    i need to stick to the car cleaning thing too, because yup, i wash it like once every few months. and though i don't have a lot of junk in there..the dirt & leaves that get dragged in there..make it look horrible.

    i'd like to put some $$ into savings every other pay period.

    help my daughter stick to her chores rather than letting it go and me doing them :/

    i know i'll think of a few more. :)

  3. Get that food processor out and your carrot cake recipe ready. It does a wonderful job of shredding carrots. And chopping nuts! Just ask my husband. ;)

    I make a billion things for BabyL for her lunches at daycare (broccoli balls, breakfast/lunch casseroles, rice+meat meals, cole or other veggie slaws, etc.). It is fabulous. My Cuisy takes up much less room than my Kitchen Aid mixer + attachment, so it's great when I'm trying to make 2-3 different lunches at once - counter space is a premium those days.

    Also, we're weird with salsa. Our favorite jarred salsa comes only in a chunky version, so I toss it in the food processor and chop it down to a thin version.

    Anyways... yeah. That was longer than I anticipated, but I think I may love my food processor more than my husband some days. ;)

  4. My car is always filthy but I freaking despise how long I have to sit and wait for it at the car wash on a weekend (like, 45 mins!) and then they don't even do that great of a job. So, my car remains in total filth. Good times.

  5. Great list! I should really do the same. I need a "non-resolution" list to keep me motivated through the year.

  6. My car was last washed when it rained. :)

  7. cleaning makes me beyond grumpy, too. but a clean house makes me feel SO good after. but not worth the horrible mood i'm in during, most of the time. :P


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