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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

a boo./yay!

my friend kelley is my biggest supporter when it comes to fitness and working out.  in fact, she's a beachbody coach, and she's awesome at the dual role of motivator/cheerleader.

i'd actually gotten myself all psyched up to join her at a boot camp class she takes on wednesday evenings, and had been prepping the bean to hang out with kelley's son at the daycare set up in the room next to where all the fun would be.  and then we were all super bummed when the instructor had a conflict in his schedule and had to cancel for the evening.

and so instead, we met up with lilcee and mini cee for a food truckfest that takes place every wednesday evening here:

there weren't too many choices, but we managed.

this poor girl looked super bored.  hopefully she got busier as people filled up on dinner and were ready for dessert.

and this truck was interesting (but not enough for me to go inside).

we decided to share a bunch of tacos, spicy meatballs, and truffle fries from the komodo truck.

this is how happy she was to get a hot dog instead:

when we were done chowing down, i picked up a couple of ice cream sandwiches from the coolhaus truck and drove up the street to memorial park's levitt pavilion.  kelley and her family were already there, watching the african drummers performing onstage for the final children's concert of the summer.

 unfortunately for us, the bean tripped and skinned her knee as we were walking from the parking lot.

she was a little out of sorts, but it was nothing a little ice cream couldn't fix (which she happily shared with mini cee).

as she warily watched the man on stilts cross the stage and head into the audience, i assured her that the area we were sitting in was way too crowded for him to come near us.  um, i was wrong.  oops.

she wasn't too freaked out though, and clapped to the music as the concert came to an end.  it was a lovely way to spend our evening, under the stars with friends, music, and ice cream.  plus, now i know about it so that i can look for the schedule next summer.


  1. That was a fun night!! And I looove Komodo truffle fries. My fave!


  2. I'm beginning to think that you are never home!


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