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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

no, not the american idol

at cousin seven's suggestion, we scooped up tickets to see disney's "fantasia" at the hollywood bowl a couple of weeks ago.  it was almost perfect timing, because MIL was in town - but it was on the day the teen was scheduled to go back to her dad's.  we thought it would be a fun outing anyway, and i was excited to take the bean to the bowl for the first time. 

seven was supposed to go with us, but she...uh, got a better offer at the last minute and bowed out.  heh.  so with an extra ticket and no one else to use it, i made a phone call and managed to get permission to keep the teen for an extra night so she could come with us. 

the bean was stoked for her first bus ride, and begged to sit with her sister.

it seemed like we were in the very same seats as our outing for the grease singalong.  maybe not, but pretty darn close.


it wasn't exactly as i thought - i'd imagined a viewing of the movie with the live orchestra providing the soundtrack, but not quite.  instead, the conductor did a lot of talking about the musical pieces and the orchestra played while selected clips were shown on the screen.  and some of the clips weren't actually part of the movie.  i'm so incredibly NOT cool and cultured, because while the bean started snoozing practically as soon as she'd eaten dinner, i fought to stay awake (with the teen's head on my shoulder).  it. was. so. damn. boring.

luckily, the bean stayed awake just long enough to see the classic mickey mouse scene.  barely.

i actually gave in and let myself doze a bit, but woke up as the fireworks show started.  thank goodness.  i'm not all about shelling $50 for a nap.

but not the bean.  she stirred for a few seconds, mumbled "firrrrreworrrrrk," and slept all the way through the bus ride home.

oh, well. 


  1. AHAHAHHAHAAH...hm...Although I was sad to have bailed...it seems that going to mini-high-school-reunion was the better choice? Sorry, cousin! I also thought it would've been the movie playing with live orchestra. Not cultural artsy farts. :/


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